Three Years in the World of Splinterlands: A Journey of Strategy, Community, and Fun

It was 3 years ago, just in the middle of a world pandemic, when I discovered Splinterlands. It was the first play2earn game I ever tried, and by now it's the only one.
For the past three years, I've been diving into the world of Splinterlands, battling other players and collecting minions and creatures. And as I look back on my experience, I can say it was one of the choices I have made on the web.
Splinterlands is definitely much more than a game: it's a whole ecosystem, built on top of a blockchain, with its own economic system.

The developers are always working to make the game better, adding new features and game modes to keep things fresh and exciting. Even if sometimes not all the developments were going the way I wished, I loved the feeling of discovering a new strategy or monster that completely changed the way I played the game, and it kept me engaged and invested in the game for years.

More than 20k games played

I have played all of them, I swear. Not a single battle was played by a bot. On one side the game is just beautiful, and it's entertaining even after three years. Just a few rules can generate thousands of possible battle combinations, making every battle a unique experience. On the other side, I was lucky to jump on the train early enough to make good profits, so at some point, Splinterlands was a stable income and playing was part of my daily routine.
Of 21.544 battles I played, I was able to win 14.773, which is almost 69% of them. Not bad, if you consider that I invested no more than 20-30$ in the game.


A few numbers

My collection power after 3 years is a little over 152K, which makes me one of the best 7k players in the game. I own 1 land plat claim, 5 chaos legion unopened packs, and my collection is worth more than 2.000 $ on
I have more than 7k SPS staked and around 500 SPS liquid. On top of that, I own almost 10k DEC and 126 vouchers.


What's next?

My life has changed a little in the last 3 years, I'm now a father, and the working route is back where it was prior to the pandemic. I'm not in a position to invest a huge amount of time as I used to do: I'm not playing tournaments anymore, as well as brawls. I'm not checking rentals every day and I'm not studying (!) new features, like Land expansion, as I used to.
But I'm still playing the game, a few battles a day, trying to reach diamond league every season. I'm pretty confident that a new bull season will come, and I'll be there

Splinterlands was a rollercoaster of emotions: at some point, my collection was worth 20k $, something I still find unbelievable and maybe not sustainable in the long run. But I've taken my profits, and I will remain here, hopefully for another 3 years ;)


You're not playing Splinterlands? Shame on you! Go try it!

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