Something I would change in Splinterlands right now

After a few months from the launch of the new Card Power Update, i'm finally adapting to it and still enjoying the game. I also found this great interview by Scott Cunningham that makes me ever more fan of the game: I truly appreciate the vision and mindset of Splinterlands founder, which I didn't knew prior the interview.

From the perspective of a new player, Card Power was an hard update to live with. I don't have the possibility to invest much money in the game, and in the first months (prior to the update) I was enjoying the big rewards coming from competing in the gold/champions league with my small deck (valued around 10K Card Power). I was competing there because I was a good player, at least that what I thought.

Suddendly with the new Card Power System, with his locked league features, I found myself locked in bronze III, with basically no reason to play and no sense of improvement: very few DEC for every victory, fighting all day to finish the daily quest for finding myself with a potion as a reward. I saw the reason behind this change and I finally adapt to it: now I'm almost in silver II, at least I'm fighting for something and I'm enjoying the game again. Also reaching good positions in tournaments helped a lot.

What I still don't accept , and I don't realize the reasons behind this choice, is why I should compete with players with ten times my Card Power. The opportunity for a player to choose to remain in a lower league is absolutely non sense to me, and its preventing good player with small decks to reach the top of their league

It would totally makes sense to me to let player with similar levels to compete between them, not leaving this opportunity to just tournaments (which are in fact the most fair and funny aspects of this game).

What do you guys think about this? Can anyone give a clue or link a topic where this aspect is covered?

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