Life after Splinterlands

I might have already said it, like a million times, but joining Splinterlands back in April 2020 was one of the best decisions I have made so far.

The total amount of the investment I have made is pretty easy to calculate: 25$

  • 10$ were used to buy the Spellbook, which is required to start playing.
  • 10$ were used to buy a plot of land in the presale, worth now more than 500$
  • 5$ I had in Electroneum, a coin that I was mining on my smartphone through a dedicated app, and that I used to purchase some credits (I really didn't know what to do with these coins ;)

Now, just by playing, writing and being an active member of the Hive community, I was able to build a deck worth now more than 7k $, and this value does not include other assets, such as Hive tokens, land plots or SPS, Splinterlands' governance token. Summing up everything, I think we are around 9k $

Immagine 2021-09-06 182718.jpg

- Want to know how to grow your deck for free? Check this article -

A growing asset

The great part is that this deck is made of assets that can generate passive income in many forms, and this thanks to the great economic system built on top of Spinterlands.

  • I can use cards to play and earn DEC every time I win a battle or I complete a daily quest
  • I can sell them or trade them
  • I can rent unused card to new players and generate a daily income
  • I can stake SPS to generate passive income

Splinterlands is a perfect example of what happens when you guess the right choice at the right time: I fell in love immediately with the game as I saw it, and I always knew that it was going to explode at same point (especially considering what happened to other project, like Alien Worlds, that are less good)
Timing is every thing when investing/joining a project: if I had joined one year before I'll be probably insanely rich. I know early joiners that have 200k $ deck in their hand right now.
I'm not sure if it's still possible to achieve such a result joining Splinterlands today:
as the player base progressively grows, it becomes harder to achieve great results without big investments.

That being said I still recommend joining Splinterlands: you'll find a beautiful game to play, a great community to rely on, and you'll still be able to earn something from playing.

What's the next gem?


The Splinterland experience made me realize how important is being super active on web and intercept new trends and projects with great potential. That's why I'm really looking for the next project to invest in the blockchain gaming industry.
In this research, there's a few features I consider absolutely essential to determine the success of a project.

What I'm looking for is an actual game, that must be fun to play: otherwise after an initial hype it will slowly disappear in the dark (hey Alien Worlds, how are you doing?)
It must be in a very early stage, possibly already in beta, with a small community.
It must be graphically good: this is the very first signal that the team is investing in the development.

The 3 project that drew my attention until now, based on this parameters, are Star AtlasIlluvium and DeFi Warrior.

Every result I have ever achieved in the crypto world comes from the invaluable advises that I got from the communities on Publish0x and Hive: that's why I'm asking the help of both communities. Which projects are you currently following? What's the next gem you you have your eye on? I would really like to know it in the comments section!



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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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