6 ways to boost your Splinterlands Collection - For free

Based on Hive Blockchain, Splinterlands in much more than a beautiful game: it's a whole ecosystem, with so many powerful integrations. When your Splinterlands account is created, you'll automatically find yourself with an Hive account.
This gives you a lot of opportunities for earning tokens, card and packs that you can later use on Splinterlands.

I started playing this beautiful game one year ago, and I actually find myself with a deck worth more than 340$, without using a single cent of my personal money (apart from buying the initial Spellbook of course)


Many of the ways to collect resources that I will show are external platform that can generate income: so technically it was my money, I just decided to spend it on Splinterlands because i believe in its future development and I find it super funny.
On top of that, the integration that Splinterlands provide with this external platform is just great: in a few clicks you can collect your resources and turn them into DEC.

So here are the methods that used to boost my collection, let me know if you know more of them!

 1. Play Splinterlands!

That's probably one of easiest way, for sure it's the most fun.
When you purchase your Spellbook you're aumatically given a basic deck of card to play with. You technically do not own them (you cannot sell or delegate them), but you can use them in battle.

For every battle you win you're awarded with a small amount of DEC, Splinterlands currency that can be used in the market to make purchases. For every battle you win in bronze you'll get around 10 DEC, which is not much but with 2/3 wins you can start buying cheap card on the market.

On top of that, there's Tournaments: once you have started managing the game, grinding tournaments is one of the best way to earn DEC quickly.


2.Write about Splinterlands

Writing on Peakd is the best way to earn some tokens - HIVE, LEO or SPT among others, that you can later convert on Hive Engine into DEC to improve your Splinterlands deck.
While at the beginning it may be hard to get good rewards, you can always participate in contests, like Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge, where you can share your battles involving one particular card.
Splinterlands team with their powerful curation account will reward you directly, and it's not hard to get 3-4$ for article in this way

Bonus tip: always use the SPT tag in your article on Hive, this will help you target the right community of players on Splintertalks and give you good rewards



 3. Make a video about Splinterlands

In the same way, on top of writing, you can produce videos and publish them on 3Speak, Hive's blockchain native video platform.
You can do literally anything that you want: review a card, share a battle or secret techniques. I normally do packs opening, since I just love that part of the game!
Again, for this activity you'll be rewarded with HIVE tokens, that you can later exchange for DEC on Hive Engine.


4. Show you art skills!

Every week on Peakd there's a special Art contest. All you have to do is show your art skills and draw a character from Splinterlands deck. If you result among winners, you'll be rewarded with free Untamed packs directly in your account!

5. Sell NFTs on Wax

If you follow NFTs trend, this option might be for you.
I regularly participate in airdrop of free Nft on Wax, and collected a few Spring Train Nfts joining Splinterlands Tournaments hosted by monstergames.
These NFTs cannot be used in battle, but you can sell them on WAX Atomic Market and buy Untamed packs in exchange.
Sending card and packs forth and back it's extremely easy, and if you pick the right time you can make good deals due to market fluctuations!


Bonus Tip: I also started to play Alien Worlds on Wax, and I convert all of my earnings in Wax and buy Untamed packs, which recently gave a big boost to my collection (Did you say Scarred LLama Mage?)

 6. Use your Google Play credit

Did you know Splinterlands have a working App for Android?
If you don't have any problem sharing some of your data with Google, you can use their Surveys app, Google Opinion Rewards, that normally pays you to share your opinion.
Surveys are extremely quick, just one minute, and pays you around 0.20$ - 0.40$ per survey. Not much, but if you can receive them regularly, you'll find yourself with a lot of Google Play credit to be used in Google Play store.

I'm sure you already guessed how I used my unused Google Play Credit: I bought some packs of Untamed expansion in Splinterlands.

This article was just a quick overview on the different methods I use, if you want to know more about single aspects just let me know in the comment section! Cheers!


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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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