Just Another Guide to Crypto Earning ;)

When it comes to Crypto earning, the annoying part is spending hours to test projects, trying to understand if they're paying and worth your time. I decided to make a quick recap of the projects i'm still using and that are legit and safe, form some of them i'm making few bucks with no big effort. Most of them are pretty famous and i'm sure you all know them. Are other projects on you're list that i'm missing?

My Top Earning projects:



My favorite earner: i cash out regularly every 2-3 weeks by doing surveys, app installs and faucet. 100% Trust, i also use it to convert my Google Opinion Rewards into bitcoins


A new site i recently discover: you can earn satoshi's by completing offers, surveys, and watch ads.


The faucet collector: claim from different faucets and collect your earning in one place. See more here

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash

BitFun - Bitcoin

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonBit - Bitcoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

Brave browser and BAT

We shouldn't be even talking about this. Still i have no clue why BAT is not top 10 crypto. Surf the web, safely, earn and tip your favourite content creators. Just amazing.

Coinbase Earn Program

Just hope that you're eligible. Watch educational content and earn crypto directly in you Coinbase account. Super easy and 100% safe


Earn tokens for surfing the web. Alert: reaching the minimum to withdraw takes time and effort.


By subscribing to QoinPro you get a little - extremely little - crypto everyday. Not going to be rich, but... why not? 

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The Very Confused Martin Babalor
The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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