How to convert Google Play credit into bitcoins

In the last couple of years i've been using Google Opinion Reward quite often. The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards, and it's used by Google mainly to improve his own services. Answering surveys is pretty easy, every task take no longer than a couple of minutes and gives user something like from 10 cents up to 40 cents.
Having been using this app in a couple of years my earnings are around 60 bucks, which lead us to the point.

Google Opinion Reward screenshot


What am i going to do with Google Play credit?

Google only allow users to spend credit on his platforms and app store, which makes sense but is not my thing. I was struggling finding a way to use this this credit.
I thought it was a good idea to try to buy some crypto with it, which i immediately discover is impossible.
I made several research on forums: apparently, there is no way to do it directly. Some app promised to do so, retaining 40% of total amount, but they wher quickly deleted from the store. I think they were violating somehow Google's policies.

So, How to buy Bitcoins with Google Play credit?

At some point i was trying different faucets. I gave up with all of them, too small reward compared to the time invested.
All but one, Cointiply, wich i always found very reliable and full of offers.
On Cointiply can earn Bitcoin (BTC) free by viewing ads, surveys, and playing games.
It provides a inside gamification sistem with progressive loyalty bonuses that make it the best place to earn some crypto, and i'm not the only one to say it. They also have a very good mobile App.

So i was earning some crtpyo mainly through sourveys, Theorem Reach and TapResearch - every survey pays from 0.30$ up to 2-3$ - when i started making some coins also from App Install Offers, mainly AdGem and AscendMedia offers.
Basicly, you get paid to install and use an app - or a game - until you reach a result (ex: you have to reach level 100 in a particular game to get your reward).
Sometimes reward are given after you make an in-app purchase, which led us to the point. I'm using Google Play credit to complete this offers, sometimes you can complete offers 10x-20x faster if you make an in-app purchase.

Some of the game i'm finding on this offers are almost scam, but others are pretty fun to play, so it's not bothering at all.
Converting Google Play Credit using this system is not immediate, it takes time, but it's ok until you select only good offers and you don't download sh**y games or scam project.
Since i'm using Cointiply (2-3 months) i was able to earn something like 40-50$, and at this point i stil have 25-30$ in Cointiply credit, still to be withdrawn.


If you want to register to Cointiply, please cosider using this link


a list of reward on Cointiplymy earningssome offers you can complete on Cointiply

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