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Bonuses, airdropped coins, faucet gains and, generally speaking, free tokens were extremely important for my experience and my crypto journey.
These free cryptos were often a gateway to enter the world of blockchain, giving me a reason to follow and learn how to use the tokens.
I sometimes found some real gems while hunting airdrops, and through them, I discovered beautiful projects that are now part of my daily web routine in DeFi, NFTs and PlayToEarn areas. (like Sandbox, Splinterlands, Sorare, etc...)

Still today collecting free tokens through bonuses and faucets is part of my daily activity, and I'm using this activity to keep myself up to date.

This article's target is to collect info and news about various bonuses and airdrops. I will try to keep this updated, with new bonuses launched almost every day. Here's the list of the main bonuses I'm taking advantage of the most. In this list, you'll find a various mix of free cryptos programs, from Airdrops used as a marketing tools to "Learn and Earn" programs and SignUp bonuses. Mission Rewards does not really need any introduction. One of the most famous exchanges in the world, it recently bought the rights to rename the "Staples Centre" into " Arena". went full mainstream a few months ago hiring Matt Damon for a Youtube commercial, establishing itself as a top player in the Crypto world. offers a reward program for new users called "Missions Mystery Boxes". New users are encouraged to explore and use all the app features and services: by completing daily missions ( which includes reading articles, making trades, setting customized alert,s and setting 2FA) new users collect diamonds, which can later be used to buy mystery boxes.
Every Mistery Box costs 25 diamonds and can contain up to 1,100 USD in CRO, native token (as you can imagine, it's not very likely to get the full prize).
In my experience, you'll get a couple of boxes every month if you complete your daily missions.
On top of that, offers a very generous referral reward, worth 25 USD per user.

 Daily Airdrop presents itself as a not-profit banking service, with an already launched own currency, Hi dollar, and a very generous reward system to attract new clients.
I wrote a full review of this service here.
Apart from having the best name ever on the internet, the project seems to develop on solid foundations: their airdrop is, without doubt, one of the most generous on the web.
The Airdrop process is very simple: by answering a very simple question every day, you'll be able to collect 1 Hi dollar, valued at around 0.26 USD.
Your funds will be locked for one year and progressively be transferred to your wallet where you'll be able to trade them or lock them to get staking rewards.
Despite being at a very early stage as a project, bonus seems like a legit strategy to build a community and launch the banking services.



Maybe not the most popular exchange around (the reason why it was recently rebranded OKX from original Okex), the platform was involved in some controversy after blocking withdrawals fo a few weeks after the arrest of its founder.
Now that the controversy is over the Seychelles-based exchange is fully operative, and so is its reward program.
This program might not be generous as it use to be, but still provides free satoshi every day to loyal users. To benefit the program you'll need to use the mobile app: all you need to do is claim your 50 satoshi every day (200 satoshi if you're on a seven-day streak) and redeem them when you reach 10.000.
Not much, I know but literally takes 5 seconds every day.




Coinbase Earn and Learn Program

Literally, the most famous reward program in the Cryptoverse, made by probably the most famous exchange. Coinbase is still without a native token, but has found an incredible way to reward its users with the Coinbase Earn program.
By completing lessons and learning about very promising crypto projects, users are able to earn a few of these tokens. Owning these tokens immediately turns users into supporters, making the whole program a very effective marketing tool.
In the last 2 or 3 years Coinbase Earn program airdropped dozens of tokens to their users: those users who held the tokens may have good returns from them. Even users that immediately sold the tokens could have made good deals: the total value of the reward token over time is around 130$.
The program is constantly updated, with new tokens released every month.



Cake DeFi

Despite its name, this project seems to be pretty much CeFi, bringing staking and liquidity mining services to different cryptocurrency holders.
CakeDefi main reward incentive comes with signup and first deposit. When you sign up for a Cake DeFi  account and make your first deposit of $50 or more in value (in any currency or cryptocurrency supported by Cake DeFi ), you will receive a bonus of $30 worth of DFI. This bonus will be locked up for 180 days in the Freezer and automatically yields staking returns during this time.
They also have a sort of "Learn and Earn" campaign, which is good but not very frequent.




Legion Network

The Legion Network is a sort of "All-in-on" app, combining different services and different blockchains, powered by the Legion Network Token which is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
The App has different sections to earn free crypto and NFT with Play to Earn mechanism, but the main focus of the reward program comes with a signup bonus of 34 LGX ( 5 USD approx), enhanced by a Learn and Earn Section that provides 3 LGX for every video watched.
All these bonuses will be locked until March 2022.



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