3 simple tips to improve your Splinterlands skills


We all know Splinterlands is much more than just a card game, with a whole ecosystem built on blockchains and a wonderful community with his own economic system here on Hive.
So it's easy to forget the core of all this: Splinterlands is actually super fun to play.

Splinterlands saw the joining of thousands of new players in the last weeks, at an incredible pace of 6-7k Spellbooks sold everyday. It's easy that some of them might not know how to play the game, or need some advice to understand how to successfully turn Splinterland into a good investment.

Being a good player is the easiest way to grow your assets and earn rewards: climbing leaderboards will help you earning DEC, or you can simply show your skills in "Novice Cap" Tournaments, where game skills are more important than valuable decks.

Splinterlands is made out of very simply rules, which can generate complex situations: easy to understand, hard to master!
Here's my tips to improve your strategy, a few things that I have learned myself during years, and that will hopefully help some new players building their decks. Let me know if you guys have other tips!


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#1Tip: Watch your battles

I know that, expecially if you're playing a lot of battles everyday, watching them all could be time consuming. I normally play 200-300 battles per season, and I know if I had to watch them all I would have no time to do other things, like writing on Hive or play Tournaments.

Still, watching battles is the best way to learn: you may find a card you have never seen and start saving to buy it, you can discover a good strategy copying your opponent, you can realize that two cards work perfectly toghether with one particular ruleset.

Everytime I lose, I always look for the reason: was it because my opponent had a better deck in value, or did he also used it better?

An example? A few weeks ago I played - and lost - this battle against @pachuntamed and i realized what a good combination Byzantine Kitty and Dragon Jumper could be in mid mana cap games!



#2Tip: Know your enemy

The beauty of Splinterlands gameplay is that players need to build a successful strategy in their head and then see if they made a good job. Once the strategy is over, all you can do is wait for your opponent!
That being said, focusing just on yourself might not be working 100% of the times.

I know that every player has his own favorite combinations of card, and every player has the tendency to play the same formations over and over because they work most of the time. But adapting and understanding your enemy is as important as knowing your deck and combinations of card.

Splinterlands give us very little info about our enemy before playing, so it's extremely important to read them carefully and pull out the most we can from that.


The recently played team gives us a quick overview of the way our opponent has played his last five matches, and we can understand what are his favorite Summoners, if he's trying to complete a quest, if he's a fan of magic attack and so on...

This is extremely important in trying to anticipate his moves, which is pretty often a key to victory.

#3Tip: Believe in stats

Even if dev team does a great job in trying to keep the game balanced in every aspect, including cards power and abilities, everyone knows that some cards are just "better".
They're not perfect, or invincible: every card combination can be defeated by another specific combination, and so on. The best cards are best because they win battles "most of the time". But what does that mean "most of the time"? What percentage is "most of the time"? How do I know which cards are the most played, and which cards are the best for me?

To answer these and other questions you can use this beautiful tool, Splinterstats, developed by @kiokizz. It provides you information on every aspect of your game, based on your last season timeframe.
There's no better tool to understand what works better for you and what are your best strong points!


You're not playing Splinterlands? Shame on you! Go try it!

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