A pleb's guide to participation and attention economy, part II: tools to start with

By arinbasu | Arins blog | 31 Jan 2022

This being a pleb's guide, so I will keep it really simple at this stage. We are on a journey, and let's take stock of the tools we need to bring with us. In this series of really short bites with one topic at a time, I am going to write about the tools this time. Here is the list:

  • Patience / Time. -- This is the absolute requirement. This is a game where you have to wait and watch. There are lots of things to learn, create, store, and play your hands. There are ups and downs. There is no shortcuts but you will need to wait and be patient.
  • Some funds to start with. -- This is also referred to as "fiat" currency or regular money (find a good explanation) or funds such as your bank account. I'd strongly argue against borrowing large sums of money as at least in this series of posts, we are going to learn how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency, so this series of posts is not about making money but about handling cryptocurrency and putting them to good use and how you can use your creativity and have joy. You may need to invest some money to purchase cryptocurrency (there are other means to purchase for example dummy ether, such as Ropsten Ethereum Faucet  
  • (more on this later ....)
  • A computer and a web browser and connection to web. -- The web browser I'd recommend is "Brave" as I wrote in the previous post (later we will see how to configure Brave with your wallet)
  • A smartphone with Google Authenticator and a good camera. -- Again, you will see as we proceed with this series this is an essential tool for many reasons. Something like a good tablet or iPad will be useful as well. If you have not done so, now is a good time to get yourself familiar with Google Authenticator 
  • Your driver's licence or another ID. -- You will need this to set up accounts (again, more on this in the chapter on wallets, :-) ); I usually prefer driver's licence
  • A software "wallet" ("hot wallet") where you will hold your cryptocurrency: Brave's own wallet is good enough but many sites ask for another wallet. A good wallet is "Metamask" (see https://metamask.io/ for details): you can download Metamask for browsers and mobile devices; you will also need an exchange wallet. There are many to choose from. If you use Brave browser, you can use Uphold
  • A notebook and pen. -- You will need a notebook and pen to keep your "seed phrases" handy. If you lose these phrases when they are needed, you may lose access to your cryptocurrency assets, your access to blockchain and so on. 

Let the journey begin. 

Next step: setting up the wallet and the browser .... 

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