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A pleb's guide to participation and attention economy: the "brave" new world, part I: the tools

By arinbasu | Arins blog | 29 Jan 2022

A list of all things that you can do to get started on the world of Web3, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse and yet link them with the real world you live in. Indeed, a brave new world!

  • Browse the web with "Brave web browser": https://www.brave.com 
    • Brave has its own wallet or link it with Uphold, so for information on Uphold, see this post, https://uphold.com/en/get-started/brave
    • This post details what you need to do in order to use Uphold with Brave
    • Brave sends you BATs every month; it may be a small amount but these rapidly accumulate
  • Search with presearch, here: https://presearch.org/
    • Presearch is a full fledged search engine but and you can store cryptocurrency (ERC-20 type currency called PRE tokens), you will need to search using presearch. Each search will fetch you around 0.08 PRE tokens
    • You can transfer pre tokens to ETH when you have 1000 PREs
  • Blog with Publish0x (this!) ... https://www.publish0x.com 
    • Read and share crypto with the creators
  • Crypto to cash: If you want to use the ETH or BTCs as regular cash, a good idea would be to use a debit card associated with your cryptocurrency, and a good one I found is Wirex, link here: https://wirexapp.com/en 
    • They mail you a VISA debit card, which apparently people can use to make online and regular store based purchases
    • How to use the Cryptocurrency
      • Step 1: You need a wallet address
        • If you install Metamask or Brave Wallet, you will get an address where you can receive Ethers or Bitcoins
        • You can also get an exchange wallet address by signing up in Uphold or Coinbase; in New Zealand, for instance, you can do so using easycrypto (https://easycrypto.com/nz ), or you can use Wirex to store them and use them on your debit card
        • Using Uphold or Coinbase, you can convert one crypto currency to another 
      • Step 2: Keep a record of the transactions and report it to your country's tax authorities (this is a requirement, check with the Income tax department)
  • Non fungible tokens (NFTs):marketplace
  • NFTs are all over the place at the moment
  • Bookmark manager and read it later service that works on cryptocurrency
    • Refind ... (this is a referral link but it will take you to refind webpage): https://refind.com/arinbasu?invite=JTIaDwc8Ey 
      • Refind is a bookmark manager and it gives you coins, which, according to the site admin, if they find their endeavour successful, will buy back the coins. 
  • Finally metaverse
    • Spatial.io ... https://spatial.io/ 
      • You can traverse the metaverse spatially while chatting and setting up NFTs up in the space and hang out with people.

In this series of posts, I am going to write about these tools.

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