Ancient Greek History
Ancient Greek History

Ancient Greek History

Historical educational posts on Ancient Greek history. I'll be covering Greek history stretching from the Greek Bronze Age and the days of Achilles and Troy, to the Hellenistic Age of Alexander and Cleopatra, covering topics ranging from daily city life to all-out warfare. I'll also be looking a lot into Iranian/Persian history, and their infamous conflicts with the Greeks throughout history. All feedback, positive and/or negative, is very welcome. Hope ya learn plenty-a-stuff! :)

THE SICILIAN EXPEDITION, 415 - 413 BC: Athens's Great Disaster

9 Mar 2024 32 minute read 3 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Under the beating sun of a hot summer's day in 413 BC, within Athens' port city of Piraeus, a small boat lands ashore carrying but one passenger. In need of a haircut, the stranger locates the local barber, who begins to make small talk with the man....


8 Mar 2024 1 minute read 0 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Just thought I'd try give a heads up this time.And it's a big one. Oop.I'm incapable of making smaller posts. Cope.That's all.See ya tomoz. PREVIOUS POST: ALCIBIADES, 416 - 415 BC: Preparing for Sicily K here's some related memes I found:     M...

ALCIBIADES, 416 - 415 BC: Preparing for Sicily

15 Feb 2024 21 minute read 2 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Amidst the turmoil of the Peloponnesian War, both warring sides - Athens’ Delian League and Sparta’s Peloponnesian League - would eventually come to an agreement of sorts in the form of the Peace of Nicias. Due to character, however, the two sides wo...


21 Jan 2024 21 minute read 2 comments YouveBeenGreeked

With Spartan victories at the battles of Delium and Amphipolis causing major setbacks for the Delian League, Athens finally agreed to a peace in 421 BC. The goal was for both sides to recover from the ten years of brutal conflict they had encountered...

THE BATTLE OF AMPHIPOLIS, 424 - 421 BC: The Peace of Nicias

13 Jan 2024 23 minute read 2 comments YouveBeenGreeked

The end of the Archidamian War was in sight; the Peloponnesians were making good moves deeper into enemy territory following their victory in Boeotia, and the tides were turning ever more against Athens. Sparta now began to make good on their intenti...

THE BATTLE OF DELIUM, 424 BC: Ancient Friendly Fire and Flamethrowers

1 Jan 2024 18 minute read 2 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Despite the hard hits against Athens since the start of the Peloponnesian War, neither conflict nor plague could wither the Empire enough to be brought down. Atop of this, key victories at Lesbos and Pylos showed that the lion still had immense power...

THE BATTLE OF PYLOS, 427 - 425 BC: Left Stranded

7 Nov 2023 19 minute read 4 comments YouveBeenGreeked

With the fall of Plataea and the putdown of the revolt on Lesbos, Sparta and Athens respectively were showcasing the lengths they were willing to go to win this war. Now, the new rising stars in Athens, Nicias and Demosthenes, would have to showcase...

ARISTOPHANES, 446 - 386 BC: The Father of Comedy

23 Oct 2023 22 minute read 8 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Early ancient Greek literature follows a somewhat linear pattern through its earlier years; the earliest period comes from oral traditions of the Mycenaean and Dark Age Greek world thanks to men like Homer and Hesiod, then the poets of the early Arch...

A LEAGUE IN REVOLT, 429 - 427 BC: Early Conflicts of the Peloponnesian War

18 Sep 2023 21 minute read 6 comments YouveBeenGreeked

As Sparta burnt the lands of Attica, plague ravaged the Athenians and with Pericles gone, the Peloponnesian War was fully underway. Three years had now passed since the declaration of war back in 432 BC, and now each side - Sparta's Peloponnesian Lea...

HERODOTUS, 484 - 425 BC: The Father of History

23 Jul 2023 10 minute read 6 comments YouveBeenGreeked

The events of the Greek world up to the early fifth century BC - namely the rise of Persia, the birth of Athenian democracy and the Greco-Persian Wars - are among the most well-documented and renowned in ancient history. History itself as a topic is...