Will Crypto's "Velocity of Money" Rescue the Main St. Economy from the Next Big Crash?

Will Crypto's "Velocity of Money" Rescue the Main St. Economy from the Next Big Crash?

Today's World Economy sees the Velocity of (fiat) Money only circulating quickly in the top 0.1% of the Economy, at the Central Bank, Large Bank and Large Corporation level.

For example today in the tech space, Amazon, Apple, FB, Google, MS are all busy swallowing their segment of the world economy, powered by low interest debt used to smash the competition (low prices and acquisitions),  while propping  up earnings per share and stock prices with  public stock buy backs (to keep their optioned exit values really high)  effectively shuttering large portions of the SMB retail presence selling products and services

So what is Velocity of Money and how is crypto upsetting the  vested interests fiat 'apple cart' with a Multi-Crypto Powered Velocity of Money set of Money Alternatives ?

Here is a reasonable definition of Velocity of Money below...


For those who like visual education try this link The Velocity of Money Expalined in 1 Minute

The other 99.1% of the World's Economy and its "Main Street" Velocity of Money has essentially come to a grinding "crawl", as  the  world's wealth  concentrated so tightly now with the world's 0.01% rarely finds its way in any amount to the Main Street Economy, where products are actually built and services are provided to businesses and  the consumer.

For the last 20 years or so, less and less debt or equity is flowing into the Main St. Economy of the world.

The Evidence is all there,  Real shipments are way down.  Real Sales are down,  largely because there is not enough fiat money circulating in the Main St. Economy to facilitate transactions of product and services. 

Here is a picture from  FRED to see the steep decline of the Velocity of money in the World's Economy, those with the money keep hoarding more and more of that fiat, while stealthily accumulating gold and silver at artificially suppressed low prices getting ready for the Big Crash. 


As the picture above clearly shows, the Current Velocity of Money on Main St. is not a pretty picture AND, ominously, there is no way the Central Banks of the world can collectively dig their way out of this one as the interest rate spread between short and long term interest on debt, leaves no room for  all private banks to operate at a profit.

So what to do? Pray for a Miracle? Hope some guy with a bad hairdoo will fix it? Or  Protect your own store of value anyway you can? Individually we can all hedge in quality cryptos and key metals like gold, sliver, palladium, titanium , platinum, even copper. That still won't re-boot Main St.

The key to Main St. rescue BEFORE the Big Crash, is for crypto providers of settlement services to up their game and get 10x or even 100X more retail and services sector SMB companies to start accepting multiple cryptos as currency for purposes of settling product and service transactions, RIGHT NOW.


Enter  Crypto, the White Knight to Save Main St.?


Source: http://www.batooba.com/85-la-place-des-lices-a-rennes-des-tournois-de-chevaliers-au-marche-du-samedi/

Crypto's speed of settlement dramatically improves the Velocity of Money for International Transactions. That is a given. So what are we waiting for?

Collectively there is A LOT of TPS "Transaction Per Second" Horsepower out there in the Crypto Market, and its getting better every day. SMB Sector Retailers and Service Companies should embrace crypto of many flavours, right now for transaction settlement, and so should the wholesalers and manufacturers supplying them. 

To not adopt multiple cryptos for settlement risks serious harm to their business during the Big Crash and maybe even complete business failure.  

Witness Moneygram's use of Ripple(XRP) to move Money Internationally in minutes and not days.  Moneygram is the biggest name in the game IN THE INTERNATIONAL MICRO SETTLEMENT GAME OF FIAT, and they use crypto  DLT "blockchain" tech to do it.

While the purists in crypto see XRP as a lousy example, Ripple does grab their attention, and points out the leaders in the crypto space that they can do way more than they are doing right now to boost the adoption of their crypto value add offerings as it applies to Main St. settlement of product and service transactions.

The BTC Community's diffuse efforts in behind Lightning is a classic example of poor execution within that community to deliver on same day settlement internationally. Lightning is not easy to integrate and adopt, MUCH more coordinated work is required to make Lightning relevant or they will quickly be usurped by the competition already getting the job done today.


Explosive Parallel Growth of Money Velocity via Multiple Crypto Settlement Systems in Happening, NOW

Other cryptos  like #BCash, #Dash, #ZCash, #EOS and #Tron have a large share  of the  actual  daily micro-transaction, cross border settlement  volume  and  are essentially acting unilaterally and in parallel to create the type of collective "TPS" Transaction Per Section  capcity to handle the growing volume the World's Main St. Economy desperately needs to reboot the ailing SMB retail and services sectors of the world economy and mostly the damage to "soft stores of value"(fiat) the Big Crash will definitely incur. 

It is worth noting, just the above mentioned cryptos together make up over $2 Billion in volume per day on average largely focused on micro transactions typical of the size found in the SMB retail products and services space, an amount that rivals  and compares well with any traditional fiat Fintech alternative only dealing in fiat micro-transactions like https://transferwise.com , a London based company which on most days is handling US $2B to $5B in fiat micro transactions, largely centred around payment and international money transfers between  personal accounts and individuals.

The Crypto market top players have the collective TPS Horspower  ready, TODAY, to help retailers and service oriented businesses along with wholesalers and manufacturers  and even primary industry  switch over to "hard stores of value" and avoid the Big Crash. So in the words of the great Nike Commercial, get off your collective asses and JUST DO IT! AFTER ALL ITS IN YOUR COLLECTIVE BEST INTERESTS TO DO IT NOW, OR RISK LOSING EVERYTHING.


Slow Retail adoption in the SMB: Crypto Adoption necessary to reboot Main St. Money Velocity and Prosperity

That said, retail and service sector companies in the FT500 and SMB are really slow to adopt the Crypto cross-border settlement advantage, many of these  "near instance" settlement platforms offer.

As more and more settlements move to Human 2 Machine and  Machine 2 Machine transaction interactions. In the latter case #IOTA is leading the way in that segment of the market, linked to innovative IoT access/interaction point technologies like those offered by Bosch . In the former case  startups like IAMPASS https://iampass.io/  add  super convenient human interaction)  which improve convenience of settlement and the overall CX "Customer Experience" with near "touchless" speed.

Below a recent article on the 25,000 stores  poised to start taking crypto, the list is growing fast, imo such crypto adoption growth will need to accelerate 5X to ensure most of the Main St. SMB retail market for products and services largely escapes the next Big Crash, which is quite frankly, already in play. Go Go Go Go Go!

Whilr BTC leads the way, its likely acceptance of the others will have more  "store of value" upside as this small wave of adoption turns into a giant Tsunami of crypto settlement network adoption by the SMB retailer and service sectors worldwide.

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