Blockchain Transparency For Health Tests with your EHR kept private = Public Health Truth
We Need Truthful Informative Accurate COVID_19  Testkit Results auto-added to A Distributed Public Permission-less Ledger

Blockchain Transparency For Health Tests with your EHR kept private = Public Health Truth

Oh the SPIN... COVID-19, that it is...

Is this version of coronavirus this spring really so deadly, the way Main Stream Media  & National and State/Provincial Governments say it is?


What do these "New" test kits actually test for anyway?

Test Kit Result Transparency MIA and Needed please, while keeping your EHR "Electronic Health Record" private in the process.

Diggin up Shit on the COVID-19 Test Kit Result Fiasco and #s Manipulation

Digging, Diggin, Diggin. Oh What's that smell? ;/ Dodgy Test Results, me thinks

A little bit of digging and Voila!

The tests simply tell you if you have a cornavirus, ANY cornavirus which surprise, is a GIANT family of flu viruses. 

Will you  get sick or even die from COVID-19 if you test positive for corona virus using the test kits they have today?

Not likely, because none of these current COVID-19 test kits can  determine your viral load,  (That's a separate set of tests) .

The reality is, you will never know with today's  test kit results AS they simply trigger a 'positive' result for ANY type of corona virus.

Oh how useful. NOT!

Which means?

Well, it means ANY government or health agency can put your "positive" test 'result' under the COVID-19 list, based on their  "SUBJECTIVE" interpretation of your "SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION" of your symptoms, if you have any.

Hence the wildly, differently reported numbers of  'positive' COVID-19 test results and deaths by all governments and their mass media 'helpers' .

The Big Coup: Your Lost Rights & Financial Health for a shitty govt check and big brother surveillance/auto tax collection

The Big Coup:
'Your Lost Financial Health and Political Rights' in exchange for ?:
Supposed Public Safety & Newly granted Government Money Dependency
(and a big stock of toilet paper, tissue, navy beans, and frozen orange juice which you paid for with your last bit of disposable income)'


That's right.

Talk about governments, business and mainstream media 'padding the COVID-19 numbers' for political, financial, business and viewer count gain.

Panic that herd, keep it panicking AND get the desired result. The Biggest over-reach by Governments and Financial Wizards in our lifetime, imo. 

More control, more money, more herd complacency, eliminate the right to gather and complain (per the US 1st amendment especially), etc.

Yup that's right it sucks, really sucks. Especially for Small & Medium Business; in retail and service industries and: the political opposition organized and grassroots.

What a coup for those politicians under duress (Think Macron in France and the yellow vests, the latter now locked down in their homes..).

What a financial 'winfall' for those 'cranking out' tests and medical protection gear.

What a coup for those spewing the narrative to keep the herd panicked.

Oh and what a big biz gain for those selling toilet paper, tissue and frozen orange juice... 

Oh yeah, you might test positive, and have no symptoms, and their interpretation  (based on what criteria we are not sure) ,could find you under that  COVID-19 Case Total list again and,  under a 14 day quarantine (at somebody's whim) , likely housed in some shitty confined public area in a crappy building with poor ventilation (or an outdoor tent on a football field in shit spring weather) with other patients who are really sick with COVID-19.

Chances are given the above outcomes, you will become a valid statistic (So if you are sick, eat well, rest, stay clean, wear a hat and warm socks and, dress warm, all the normal stuff Mom used to preach, and stay out of the clutches of the health system and any government...)

AND, How about testing what is really going on locally with your cell phone camera: and post the results to any social media platform (Twitter, Instagram, reddit, Gab, Flote, Minds, publich0x, linkedin, etc..) with the tag  #filmyourhopsital 

Blockchain to the COVID-19 Test Result  Rescue? Maybe, if a solution emerges on Distributed Public Permission-less Ledgers "DPPL"s

Does this means Hyperledger will get the business, the current darling of the Health industry being used to store EHR Electronic Health Records?


Let's be clear, Hyperledger is a private (controlled by people centrally) distributed "permissioned" (we decide what is entered as an immutable/unchangeable record) ledger technology, not suited to 100% public transparency & 100% public trust use cases.

TK note - For the sake of this post I use 'lower case' DppL to describe this 'Distributed private permissioned Ledger'.

Hyperledger DppL has a place in the Health records solution space for sure, but not in this Public Test Result 'use case' instance of pandemic reporting, where 100% public transparency and public trust must be there (to keep the herd from panicking, getting their rights stolen and getting financially ripped off).

What this means is the Distributed Public Permissionless Ledger variant "DPPL", like IOTA's DAG based TANGLE DPPL for example, is really the only way 'Blockchain Technology' can be deployed currently, with complete public transparency and be 100% trusted by the public( to not have humans screw up and/or manipulate the data for political and financial gain..).

TK note- There other DPPLs  with claimed great TPS "Transactions Per Second", and side chain support and zero-proof privacy, oracle and DAPP ecosystem support and great 3rd party APIs (to link to existing Dashboard and reporting solutions) all of which merit a look, where all are beyond the scope of this post and, easily found here on Publish0x and other sites. What is important is Confirmed Transactions Per Second "CTPS" and you can read about IOTA's approach here Post on GIGO

Garbage in Garbage Out: Getting Accurate Meaningful Test Data from Good Test Kits published to a DPPL  which the Public can Trust

Public transparency of what is really going on in a pandemic public health emergency, which transcends political and business, financial interests, to truly protect the public health  from  pandemics, is hard. really hard. "GIGO" is the current problem with COVID-19 Testing in a big way.

1- First the Test kits & assignment method need to be accurate and thorough.

   What does not cut it is: (Which is what is happening today...)

- simply testing for the presence of a corona virus, any coronavirus  (What is happening right now, everywhere, what a joke...)

- Forcing everyone into the test above, creates a high volume of  "False Positive" results, (any variant triggers a positive),  subject to health staff

- using their own health expertise 'judgement', given the presence of symptoms or not, they can assign any patient result to any category

 2- Given the Test Kits are improved (this is not happening at the moment) these tests should be-

- only for the COVID-19 virus variant

- determine Viral Load of the specific COVID-19 virus (its the amount of load which will determine your health risk, trigger the right treatment)

- Test for the presence and accurately identify separately other viruses and bacteria and their viral loads

3- The Test Kit Data must go directly to the "Blockchain" consensus mechanism to apply GIGO Garbage in Garbage out Filters, to ensure the Test Kit result is :

- not tampered by humans

- complete, with all test data points

4- The specific Patient Identity Privacy must be preserved (HIPPA laws in the USA) on a Dist. Pub. Permission-less Ledger @ Scale

TK Tech Tip-  There are Lots of tests to process, this means the "DPPL" must have near linear transaction per second scalability as test kit volume grows (rapidly in a pandemic with widely distributed and well supported accurate test kits) and, the DPPL must support side chains (per country or state/rprov., etc..) imo this type of transaction performance/ (read and write speed) is critical so the service actually works well for everyone. 

5- A Set/Cluster of Scale-able 'oracle' processes must connect to the "Blockchain" to:

- securely retrieve and then

- securely report on the public consolidated Test kit results, 

- operating in a "Container cluster" found in most public cloud services we know today (Google, Amazon, MS Azure or similar)

6- Anyone in the Public must have access to the Oracle Reported Data retrieved from the "Blockchain" from their Browser be it

- mobile,

- desktop or laptop, tablet or netbook,

- supporting the popular browsers of the day (Brave, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, etc...)

7- The Oracle Cluster must provide  the Test Kit Result Information in a transparent and independent way describing the whole process above 1 to 6 including

- the 3rd party validation of the system presenting the result AND

- all code used to do the above must be OpenSource (so all can scrutinize and self-validate the system) and,

- the processes and tools used must also be validated transparently via open source  code development, test and deployment handling methods as those proposed by

Circa 2013 Myrtle Beach

Doin' "Public Test Result Reporting" Right, with the Right Open Source DPPL: Where are the Solutions?
(currently they are all on the "wrong side" of town for most Health Blockchain developers using DppL)

OK, The above, "Doin' it Right" is a tall order. We are asking the test kit companies to be transparent and be 3rd party certified with testing methods also placed on the public blockchain we can trust. (Good luck with that one, think voting machine scandals and greasy politicians with family members building them..)

So what are we going to do about it as the concerned public? We should Demand our local, regional and Federal govts to "clean up their act" as follows:

The "shout out" to governments of all flavours and levels local and state, needs to look like this imo:

Demand Accurate Test Kit Results published on the Distributed Public Permission-less Ledger Technology which best Scales

Well ,one action we can take as crypto investors is to invest in and encourage as well as publicize those companies which are trying to do the right thing.

So Here Goes from my side... I put together a Short list of DPPL centric Test Kit Result Public Reporting Solutions 

1 ..............................

2 ...............................

3 ...............................

Whoops! I have not found any, yet... with the following characteristics:

- Test Kit companies with 3rd party certifications publishing their data to the public blockchain..., Notta, not a one...

- Blockchain Companies actively working in the Health sector using distributed public permissionless ledger technology...

            -Distributed Private Permissioned Ledger use is dominant (think Hyperledger and IBM) 

- 3rd party Oracle Development to publish trustfully public Blockchain Test Results the Public Can Trust?   

I am sure this 'requirements' list should be longer so,

please let me know in the comments section below and, I will update this post as your ideas and suggestions come in. :)


Big Opportunity? Yes. Lots of Hurdles? Yes, political, financial and competitive. Worth it?
(Maybe, for the skilled, experienced Blockchainers with some health record solution design/build/test expertise) 

Those having the technical means and solution use case understanding have a golden, once in a career opportunity in front of them, so 

Get to it!  ;)

The Flu is always gonna be there

The Public Test Result Fix/Challenge: Maybe we will be ready for next year's Flu season..., Until then , Keep Calm & Carry on.

Seriously, fixing the manipulation of COVID-19 test result data to actually tell us what is really going on in the short and even medium term is unlikely.

My Advice is, employ simple practices: clean health; clean eating; get rest and; be smart about social distancing AND; get back to work.

Otherwise, the "state" has you where they want you and so do the "banksters'. Not good.

In the long term, before Next years flu virus, it should be possible to get a working Public Health Test Result system together on multiple DPPL implementations in multiple countries. The skill and know how is out there in relative abundance, we just need some responsible investors to help finance it.

Perhaps this is the moment where crypto crowdfunding really shines.

I will help out where I can technically (I am an old Software Architect, Developer type, with a strong test background), that said I am only one person...

I do hope this post spurs someone or small group of Dev, QA Eng. and DevOps techies with experience in DPPL and the public health record space to take up this challenge, sooner, rather than later, its not rocket science, just common sense  to create the use cases and requirements, design the service solution & software architectures and then procure some serious dev, test and dev ops effort to "get er' done". ;)

In parallel, it's important to note any team or small company taking up this challenge a decent Business Development person and lobbyist to get the Test Kit company and 3rd party validator involved AND, you need an honest high ranking elected political official in your region, country to champion such a Public Health Test Result Service to get the idea tabled and put into law, just make sure it's a private sector competition at the local  government level rolled up as DPPL side-chains into a provincial or state level. IMO there is no need for Federal government level involvement, otherwise, such an effort will never get done before the next flu season and will never be built on budget.  Keep in mind, No tax payer subsidy required..., the Test Kit companies  and Big Pharma should embrace  such a public health information service on DPPL AND partly pay for it  all IF,  they truly are competitive.

TK over and out








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