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Ron Paul has championed the "Audit the Fed" line as a first step to getting rid of this privately held mechanism controlling the US money supply for its "Unknown" shareholders. US Citizens deserve it. They pay the bills and suffer the erosion of the their buying power daily. They have earned that right, since 1913.

Mr. Paul's recent article below points out the latest FED Travesties, as the Fed saves their chummy bank clients from insolvency at the so called "Repo" window to the tune of US$75B a day,  (78 privileged Institutions, who turn around and mark up the "overnight" interest rate to their own downstream clients., other banks, trusts, etc..)

The Travesty? The US voter is not allowed to know which banks got bailed out. Rigged, rigged, rigged.

Read about it here on Ron Paul's site



The Federal Reserve Audit Opportunity for the Blockchain Community: Modernization of the Fed, for the people, by the people on the Blockchain.

The Fed is an inside job, always has been since this creature was created on Jekyll Island, you can read about the people who hijacked the US economy here.



Built in self enrichment without Audit at the expense of the tax payer and citizen's of the USA is contrary to everything which is supposed to be American.

Maybe Brad Pitt said it all in the last line of the Movie "The Mexican" "America is not a country, it's a business, now where's my f%^king Money?"

It's worth a watch to put that line in perspective (and the street dog  who become his buddy is pretty cool too. :) )


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What are the US Citizens waiting for? The Orange man?

So given that perspective, America is just a business, where does that put the US citizen? In Trump's America, its all business, with not much room left for it's own citizens.

It doesn't have to be that way, the FED at a minimum needs transparency, and a leash, placed in the hands of its citizens, and Blockchain, a distributed public ledger operating with Proof of Work "PoW",  is exactly the perfect transparency leash needed to reel in and manage the FED, without worrying about trusting politicians to "do the right thing". 

In short A Blockchained Fed would re-create the FED into a People's Central Bank, controlled by the Senate and Congress, with presidential oversight. Today, that is not the case, the Fed does what it wants, and always gets what it wants. The FED truly is like a bad kid that never grew up, 106 years later.

There are two clear choices, Reform the FED, or Abolish it.  Since everyone is now WOKE, the former is likely the soft landing the sheep will like and vote for, even though the latter is preferred by those in the real crypto know.


Blockchain the FED: Transparency for all.

In short, the "Blockchain" technology is here today, to create the transparent "trustless" audit of the Fed for all to see. Take your pick, any distributed public ledger in the Top 100 will do, there are not that many transactions per day, at the Repo window. Ethereum (2.0), IOTA are two which immediately come to mind, of course there are others.

Bitcoin "BTC" is the obvious choice for most, as 100,000 nodes can't be wrong, however it might not be the political choice. A Lightning Side chain could definitely work. 

TK Note - It should not be Hyperledger, which is a private distributed ledger. These Repo transactions need to use hard crypto currency for settlement, so that rules out IBM handling the job, or anyone similar pushing private distributed ledgers. (Same goes for Ripple which is centrally controlled and managed by people. This is where Proof of Work rules, no Proof of Share/Stake  ledger will cut it.)

Too bad there is no real US Local movement to Blockchain the Fed.

( I'm  north of the border so disqualified, although everything the FED does is felt by the GWN and everyone worldwide)

Aside from Ron Paul, now on the outside looking in, there is no politician in the Senate or Congress today, with the nads big enough to pick up the "Audit the Fed" torch  Mr. Paul carried for so many years, with enough clout and following to get the job done to pass legislation requiring an Audit of the Fed, through Congress where the bill is now tabled, and later in the Senate.

Getting the FED placed on a distributed public ledger for audit purposes would not be easy, they won't go down with out a fight. Placing the FED on the blockchain where all  transactions are managed by a distributed public blockchain and  settled with hard cryptocurrency is a job that needs doing now more than ever, and one that is well over due. The FED shareholder's and clients love their secrecy, the key to their power. It's time for the FED's secret society of self-enrichment to go bye-bye, for the betterment of the entire world, not just the USA. 

One thing is certain, the Orange man will dodge this "Audit the Fed" bullet, like all his predecessors did, til the end of the 2nd term. (given he gets in 2020.)

As we all know, a good lap dog always listens to his master, or in the case above, would rather ride for free than walk, taking the easy way forward, every time. ;)

TK over and out.




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