Cryptos again on green numbers

The sun shines again in crypto world, well at least today, I will be talking about some of my coins.

The only one that remains same in fiat value is DAI, which is pegged to USD.

Bitcoin hit the low of 7934 USD yesterday, now there is a steady recovery of 270 USD today, Bitcoin is heading firmly over 8200 USD mark.

My crypto horse Ethereum has been recovering from deep plunge. When I saw Ethereum plunging from 220 USD to 162 USD, honestly it reminded me the movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in Texas – I know that I may exaggerate sometimes; hitting its lows yesterday to 162 USD. But don’t forget that 160 USD support is a really strong barrier and Ethereum holds perfectly there and bounces back. At this moment, Ethereum goes to 174 USD. Ethereum – GO GO GO!  200 USD awaits you again, I am totally positive you can get there. I wanna see you going to 400 USD soon. Can you do it before the end of the year?

XRP has been on 0.32 USD, hitting its low of 0.23 USD. Many people talk about XRP really not nice things but its very low price may become very attractive for some traders. Its current price is 0.24 USD, once again the bottom has been reached yesterday.

Bitcoin Cash was doing pretty ugly downward moves too, on Wednesday September 18th it was on 325 USD, hitting the bottom of 209 USD yesterday, rising nice 18 USD in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash is very susceptible to market downward moves but it can be a very nice investment. For example in February it was 120 USD, hitting its high up 485 USD last June 26th. So you can see, there may be a very good outlook for BCH investors in the next months.

Basic Attention Token hit 0.2 USD 7 days ago, and it hit its low on Thursday 0.1495 USD, ATM it’s rising again to 0.165 USD. So there is a recovery again. I remember these prices of BAT from Last November, its low was recorded this February around 0.1 USD, making an impressive comeback up to 0.45 USD, its price was above the XRP’s price. So here we go BAT. BAT’s team has been doing pretty nice updates regarding to its Brave search engine.

Hydro plunged 22% in the last 7 days, but guess what – its fall has been consolidated in the last 2 days, it starts to increase from 0.00053 to 0.00056. Go Hydro up again, because I am your loyal holder and as I earned some of you on Publish0x, I want to see you rising again.

The coin that is making impressive moves this week is Parachute. On Wednesday it hit its low of 0.00035 USD, today at 4PM Central Time it was standing at 0.00079 – today high, adjusting to its current price of 0.0005. This coin is clearly on the rise, while others are still rising very slowly, this one starts doing a huge comeback. I just want to remind you, that Parachute between June and July did a pretty beautiful parabolic pattern an increase of 1900%. We may be sometimes so obsessed with Bitcoin, but how about this one? We don’t pay enough attention to it, but it’s standing there right in front of us. And some of you hold this jewel in your Parjarbot.

I don’t want to give financial advices, because I am still not 100% sure if the crypto short bear run has finished or will continue next week. The fundamental basis which I have analyzed in my last post definitely favor to the future bull run of crypto market – let’s say Bitcoin or Altcoin. But you have to always be pending to TA. The analysis of recent or upcoming candlestick patterns is very important before you make any decision, however let’s not forget that there might be 20-30% of chance that the crypto market can do the opposite move too. If you are doing leveraged trading, don’t forget to set up take profit and stop loss limits. Be aware of your emotions!

 But buying with these low prices, may become a source of future good profits. So will we see a nice bull BTC and/or ALTS run in the next weeks or not?

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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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