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Earn 1Inch (1INCH) Token on CMC

CoinMarketCaps has an Earn platform that opens campaigns every so often. The 1INCH campaign is currently LIVE now and here's how it works:

Signup to CoinMarketCap by using this quick link ---> CoinMarketCap Signup or simply go to their main website and press sign up

You will need a Binance Account as well since they deposit to your Binance Account ---> Binance Sign up  

Binance will ask you to verify your account which is standard procedure and takes a couple of minutes. 

Next, You will then head over to CoinMarketCap earn page or simply open this link and get started ---> CMC earn 1Inch 

you will then be provided 3 video lessons, its better you learn from the videos and get a few insights on any project rather than just using the answers i will provide. when ready you may take the quiz.

The quiz that follows will ask you for your CoinMarketCap email ID and your Binance ID 8 digit number for deposit. The rest of the answers are as follows:

1. What is the total supply of 1INCH tokens?  

ANS: 1,500,000,000  (answer can be found on the link given next to the question)

2. What is the name "1inch" inspired by ? 

ANS: Oriental Martial Arts.

3. A prototype of the 1inch DEX aggregator was created in just 18 hours during:

ANS: ETHGlobal hackathon in New York.

4. Surgei Kunz, 1inch co-founder and CEO, used to be responsible for software developement at:

ANS: Porshe

5. Currently, 1inch supports most of the well-known protocols, precisely;

ANS: 42

6. Which of these characters invited 1inch to the "Three Comma Club" for hitting 1,000,000,000 USD in Volumes for the first time?

ANS: Russ Hanneman

7. Recently 1inch unveiled a major upgrade of its functionality that was based on an improved algorithm named?

ANS: Pathfinder

8. A unicorn is 1inch's totem animal, and the first mention of those mythical creatures dates back to:

ANS: Ancient Greece 


Submit your Answers and wait for the distribution !!



Earning Platforms 

Cointiply ---> Cointiply link, Read my post on how it works.

Cryptotab Browser ---> Earn BTC by browsing the internet, download link here

Other Referrals From Coinbase 

COMP ---> Coinbase Earn Link , Read my post on how it works

XLM ----> Coinbase Earn Link , Read my post on how it works

BAND ---> Coinbase Earn Link , Read my post on how it works

Other Campaigns From CMC

GRT ---> Read my post here on how that works

OXT ---> Read my post here on how that works


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Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more !

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