Band Protocol Earn $43 on Coinbase

Band Protocol Earn $43 on Coinbase

Its very rare that you join a waitlist on Coinbase and quickly get to complete the task for free money. So here's one for you guys i got off the waitlist in less then 6 hours hope the link helps;

Here's How it works;

Sign up on Coinbase by clicking here --> Coinbase Sign up  you will need to have your account verified, this is standard procedure.

After your sign up or if you already have Coinbase, Click this link and start course ----> Band Protocol (BAND) 

You will be asked 3 Question after a short introduction, i did them half asleep so you probably dont need the answers but here they are anyway!

1) What does Band bring to Blockchains?

Ans: Real World Data

2) What are Band's decentralized data feeds called? 

Ans: Oracles

3)  What is one benefit of staking your BAND tokens ?

Ans: Earn crypto rewards.


Direct Link to BAND on Coinbase;


Leave a thumbs up or comment to show other users how many people have tried this like.

The link is open to all, who ever gets verified first will probably get in faster ! 



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