Earn The Graph (GRT) Token on CMC
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Earn The Graph (GRT) Token on CMC

CoinMarketCaps has an Earn platform that opens campaigns every so often. The latest one is GRT token and here's how it works

Signup to CoinMarketCap by using this quick link ---> CoinMarketCap Signup or simply go to their main website and press sign up

You will need a Binance Account as well since they deposit to your Binance Account ---> Binance Sign up  

Binance will ask you to verify your account which is standard procedure and takes a couple of minutes. 

Next, You will head over to CoinMarketCap earn page or simply open this link and get started ---> CMC earn GRT 

you will then be provided 3 video lessons, its better you learn from the videos and get a few insights on any project rather than just using the answers i will provide. when ready you may take the quiz.

The quiz that follows will ask you for your CoinMarketCap email ID and your Binance ID 8 digit number for deposit. The rest of the answers are as follows:

1. What is the Max Supply of GRT Tokens?  

ANS: 10,000,000,000

2. What is the Graph ? 

ANS: An Indexing Protocol for Organizing Blockchain Data

3. What are Subgraphs ? 

ANS: Open API's that anyone can Query

4. Whats the Query language used for subgraphs ? 

ANS: GraphQL

5. What do Curators do ? 

ANS: Signal on Quality subgraph by depositing GRT in return for curation shares

6. What are Indexers ?

ANS: Node operators that index data and serve queries 

7. Why do Indexers have to stake GRT ?

ANS: For economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed

8. By delegating GRT to indexers what can you do ? 

ANS: Help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process the data for the crypto economy



Thanks for dropping in, the above links have no referrals codes attached to them apart from binance sign up, i chose to make it easier for the readers to have quick links to pages but you may go to their websites on your own. 

Thank you again, be sure to drop a like/comment/tip . Merry Christmas !!! 

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