GeoDB: A hidden gem? 🤑 My 6month review + new Dapp released

By AetherCrypto | Crypto Discovery | 4 Jul 2021


Its been awhile since my last post and alot has happened since then. With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak not showing signs of slowing down and crypto recently has a huge 50-ish% dump, times like these really test the strongest of crypto enthusiasts.

I'm yet to unveil the new projects that has attracted my interest as exposure of these projects are still in infancy and might lack actual value so I'll stick to the safe play to prevent my portfolio to crash and burn. Once these projects show promising outcomes, Ill warm myself up to write a few articles about them.

Enough with the gloomy issues, lets head back to the crypto space. I would like to share you my overview of the past 6 months updates on the GeoDB Blockhain Limited project, primarily GeoCash and whats new.

Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

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I've made previous reviews on my prior 2 posts explaining how GeoCash works and gave my thoughts on it. You can check it out here >>> GeoCash: Earning GEO on the GO! and GeoCash: Is it legit? (1 month Review) I'm still amazed by the community and team surrounding the project especially the responsiveness of the community to solve problems of other users.

The app has been updated and mainnet has been finally launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So no swapping is needed and you will earn 1:1 ratio of GEO rewards on BSC. However, redemption is needed that requires a fraction of Binance coin (BNB) from BSC to redeem those rewards. Average earnings: for me since I'm mostly at home these days and only do nearby commutes, I earn average of 0.7 GEO /day and that is totally fine for me as I'm not putting any initial investment to join or 'double' my rewards like those other scam projects. You will definitely earn if you travel more

How much is the fee you asked? The last time I redeemed, I only had to pay $0.03 worth of BNB (under BSC) to redeem my 6.71 GEOs which is worth $1.36 currently. That is definitely still a big gap of earning to cost which didnt bother me at all.

How about my old testnet GEOs? A lot of people are complaining that they have lost their testnet GEO when GeoDB launched mainnet and I find it funny considering my GEO was all safe in the swap site that lets you swap anytime at a lower ratio for now. However, it will reach 1:1 ratio once the full vesting period of 365 days is met. The GeoDB team was also super transparent about it on their social media and telegram group. Here's proof that I still have it:

For 1st Swap


Swap 1:  up to 23 Dec 2020  Geo testnet earning

Swap 2:  23 Dec 2020 to Jun 9 2021 Geo testnet earning


I'm still astounded by the minimalistic looking app and they have refined it to look more clean and easy to navigate. Every earning is transparent within the rewards section, the redemption process was clear cut and the simplicity of it just amazes me. Have a look for your self:


Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

EARN FREE GEO with my referral code: AETHERCRYPTO_9H1K4M



$GEO has a fair share of ups and downs as many crypto projects would as you should know by now with crypto. It hit a high of $2.80 and lows of $0.20 but that is expected. If taking the highs and my old testnet tokens in consideration, I should have earned a whopping $1635 from doing nothing other than sharing my data. I expect more to be achieved as GeoDB grows and shares a a more significant market share. For now, we wait and HODL!






Finally the new app from the team has finally been announced and released (on iOS and in France only for now). To keep it simple, GeoScan is an app that rewards you GEOs when you share receipts (whichever you feel comfortable sharing). As I'm still awaiting to get my hands on the new app, you can read further on their blog here > GeoScan is here .

From what I understand, GeoScan will integrate with GeoCash. A collaboration with AboutGoods company will utilize a ultimate AI technique to upload the receipts which will interact with the GeoDB blockchain and reward users once the receipts has been verified. 


I'll keep my self updated and provide new articles once this is out and explain the ease of use and rewards I'm able to gather.

That is all from me for now. Looking forward to new projects and updates of the crypto universe.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or analyst in any form. Please make sure to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your time and especially money in order not get REKT!


Any donations would be much appreciated to keep me motivated on writing more articles and also to give my family a cup of coffee. Thank you ☺️ 

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