GeoCash: Is it legit? (1 month Review)

By AetherCrypto | Crypto Discovery | 11 Jan 2021


In my previous post, I've just started using an app called GeoCash which is for mining 'geo data', the first steps of GeoDB to democratize the Big Data industry. You can read more here: GeoCash: Earning GEO on the GO!

I also mentioned I'm highly sceptical but yet curious in mobile mining apps the likes of Pi or Bee Network. So it makes total sense that I was sceptical with GeoCash at first. But after 1 month of usage, me and my smartphone has come to a consensus of either deleting it or continue to use it. I definitely decided to continue with it, but why? Let me explain


Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

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1. The Team and Community

The main reason I've come about to stick with GeoCash is because of the great and responsive support of the team. If you would to join their telegram chat, currently with 36000+ members you can find it at their website here, you,re able to see that the customer service team is super responsive. Either they have it covered with a bot reply, direct support team reply or even the community reply, rest assured that your questions will be answered.

With the recent announcements of making the testnet tokens possible for withdrawal, many we're asking questions and they delivered the answers. Their approach of testnet to mainnet tokens is also interesting. Many projects faced dumps from ICO or airdrops but GeoDb has a different approach, by requiring the testnet tokens to be vested for a certain period of time in order to enjoy full payout.

Don't get me wrong, you're are still able to swap to mainnet tokens upfront but if you would to hold longer, the % swap will be higher, where a 100% swap is at day 365. This graph demonstrates well the vesting period and amount for swap:

Days VS Percentage% unlocked

From this, I can comfortably say that we don't have to worry about a dumping issue here since the testnet tokens are not set to be exchanged in full amount initially until a certain vesting period which is totally fine with me.


2. The Returns

As you know I've been using for a month and the returns is really promising. Since $GEO is listed in exchanges and is tradeable, the price has been consistent and with no surprise is still undervalued. So how much did I earn for 1 month? I have collected roughly 220 GEO where each GEO is now priced at $0.2427 (super undervalued IMO). So that would make me $53. The best I could do with other projects is only $2/mth, but GeoCash seems to over deliver



The  marketcap of $GEO is currently standing at $3,333,939 with a circulating supply of 13,738,758 GEO. From my opinion $GEO could potentially skyrocket if there is mass adoption and attention to this project. $1? $10? $100? Its highly likely, but with your help to make GeoDB and its projects aware will help this company go far in the CryptoVerse.


3. Future projects

GeoDB main attraction is also not only from GeoCash but with future apps and incentives. They also announced some surprises for 2021 that would promise more earnings for the community since there would be stronger partnerships with data buyers moving forward. So keep your eyes open and look out for their latest news. I would be covering the news as well in the near future. Do join the GeoCash app and give it a try yourself. I pasted two links here so that it will be easier for you to download, in which I went to a struggle to search for it. Use my referral code to receive addition free GEO's upon the first block you mine

Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

EARN FREE GEO with my referral code: AETHERCRYPTO_9H1K4M

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or analyst in any form. Please make sure to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your time and especially money in order not get REKT!


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