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By AetherCrypto | Crypto Discovery | 11 Dec 2020


While the price of Bitcoin is consolidating and alts are waiting on the side lines, I've recently started venturing into some new crypto projects that could be a game changer in the CryptoVerse

Introducing GeoCash founded by GeoDB Blockchain Limited, a London based company that is focusing on decentralizing big data. I believe this project would be massive in the near future, considering that big data industry would be worth billions or trillions of dollar. But the question is, will GeoDB be able to deliver?

Lets dive right in. GeoDB centers itself to be a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem. They are planning to return value, control and transparency to users that are already having their data bought from data buyers, and this is done by using the blockchain. This allow the users to monetize their data generated. This could be almost anything, but the the one that you're able to join now right now is GeoCash! 

A. GeoCash, The Truth


This apps is stated to be as sort of a 'miner' but it does by data sharing. GeoCash's user interface is astonishing to say the least. A simple, clean and minimalistic design really caught my attention. GeoCash generates GEO when user's share their data and acts as wallet to use GEOs . So without a blink of an eye, I proceeded to download the app without hesitation (yet skeptical). Since I was using android, it took me awhile to get me there. Let me save you some time, you can click on the links below to get thru.

Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

EARN FREE GEO with my referral code: AETHERCRYPTO_9H1K4M

Here are my thoughts

1. User interface (UI): I had my doubt at first but to my surprise the user interface is more than expected (well since my expectation was as small as my pride). The colours combinations are nice, no delays so far and simple to use. The design and aesthetic is what I look for when it comes to me keeping it on my phone in the longterm. (refer to the screenshot above)

2. Earnings: I'm a really big fan of earning crypto via my smartphone and I've tested out countless, best I could earn is $2/month, and so far I've never came across any that is higher than that. Then came GeoCash, to my surprise in 2 days I've earned $1.90 (10 GEO)! The price per GEO currently stands at $0.197603 USD (as of writing). Looking into the price, GEO is still new and definitely has huge potential, at $2million marketcap its still undervalued from my opinion


B. Future apps

Looks like GeoDB is not stopping there, besides GeoCash, the company is planning to develop new apps rolling out in the soon. Some of which are called Volta, GeoScan, WaWa! and Plugpark. Descriptions can be read at their page or below.




Im definitely excited to see how far can GeoDB go and its app deployed for mass adoption. While Geo is still  new, I recommend for you to try out GeoCash to earn free GEO while youre on the move and dont forget to key in my referral code to earn FREE extra GEO! 

Google Play:  Get the GeoCash app here!

Apple Store: Get the GeoCash app here

EARN FREE GEO with my referral code: AETHERCRYPTO_9H1K4M


GeoDB official website:

GeoDB Twitter:

GeoDB Facebook:

GeoDB telegram:


DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or analyst in any form. Please make sure to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your time and especially money in order not get REKT!


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