This is not a post about cryptos!

By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 19 Aug 2020

As mentioned by the title, this is not a post about cryptos. The aim of this post is to responsibilize as many people as possible. 

We are living in tough times. As you know, there's a pandemic outside and you have to be responsible as much as you can. 
You should be aware that some little things can help save lives (they could save your one too). Please, stop dividing ourselves disputing about what governments are doing wrong or are not doing at all.

The facemask is important, wear it as much as you can if you are walking by the street or in a shop. I know it not comfortable, I'm not saying that I'm happy to wear it! So, even if the government of your country says "it is not mandatory to wear a facemask in public places", please wear it anyway! It's not a matter of limitation of your freedom: as you fast your seatbelts when you drive, you should wear a facemask when you walk by the street or in a shop.

Keep your hands cleaned and/or sanitized. Carry with you a hand sanitizer, it's cheap and you can put it in your pocket. Use it once you enter in a shop and once you get out of it. Remember to use it when you have to touch something that could be touched by everyone (e.g. doorknobs, handlers, etc.). 

Maintain social distance. Standing 6 feet away one-another prevents a lot the diffusion of the virus. Avoid crowded places and prefer open airy spaces to closed ones. 

If everybody follows these simple rules, the pandemic will slow down. It's guaranteed. That's what we did in Italy and that's what helped us ease everything.

Stay strong!

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Crypto, Travel and more
Crypto, Travel and more

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