Publish0xTutorial - How to easily improve your post

Publish0xTutorial - How to easily improve your post

By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 13 Feb 2020

This post contains no suggestions about what to write in a Publish0x post, but it has an important suggestion for persons that were not born in an English speaking nation.

There is only a thing that is worse than a post with no content: a post with no content written in very bad English.

Ok, I can do nothing about the "no content" part of the sentence. If you want to write an article that is only a bunch of affiliate links or a group of sentences picked from other articles just to gain some cents, you are free to do it!
Anyway, if you wish to write something, please, use proper English. I perfectly understand that you could be born in a non-English speaking nation (me neither - I'm Italian), but please, in case you are not proficient with the English language, use a tool that could help you with grammar.

I noticed many articles on Publish0x with no-sense sentences, with phrases beginning without a capital letter, with embarrassing errors, etc. That's why today I'm here suggesting to you a simple (and free) tool: Grammarly!

Grammarly, as said, is a simple and free tool that helps you out with English grammar check, that works as an add-on for Chrome/Brave. 
Just go on and click on the "Add to Chrome - it's free". It will help you out in many cases, and it perfectly works in all "long text boxes" that you will find on a website. It works even on Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, etc.

You can even decide to download it as a tool for your Microsoft Office!

It's free, easy to install, and simple to use. From now on you are not allowed to make grammar mistakes on your posts!


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Crypto, Travel and more
Crypto, Travel and more

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