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BANANO "Mining" on the Raspberry Pi for a Post-Apocalyptic Future

4 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments friend

A little over a week ago I wrote about how BANANO is the currency of the future and touched upon what our society might look like in the Distant Future. It wasn't pretty picture. And people asked some good questions. Questions such as: "And how do y...

Internet Archive Facing Existential Threat from Lawsuit

2 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments friend

On June 1st, 2020 a group of four publishers filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive had been operating a National Emergency Library to provide access to ebooks and other digital materials to society's youth during the Pand...

Is BANANO the currency of our future?

28 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments friend

The Distant Future It is the distant future. The year 2023. Life as we know it is no more. The world has been devastated by a series of crises: pandemics, natural disaster, and unrest. The global financial markets have collapsed. The dollar is worthl...

What is Web Monetization and the Interledger Protocol

25 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments friend

Image Attribution: Michelle Henderson from Unsplash A New Way to Support Content Creators? Web Monetization is a proposed w3c standard for browsers that allows site owners to integrate their site with something called the Interledger Protocol and get...

Publish0xTutorials - Safely Store Your BAT in a Cold Wallet by Chiseling it in Stone

6 Feb 2020 3 minute read comments friend

If you've been blogging on Publish0x for long, you've undoubtedly accumulated hoards of BAT tokens. However, is your BAT secure? If you've been storing it in just any hot wallet, you may be putting all of your hard earned BAT at risk! 😱 In this post...

Ideas for Improving the Utility of BAT

3 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments friend

Hello there! If you're on Publish0x, you've undoubtedly heard of the Basic Attention Token and Brave Browser. Heck, chances are you're using it right now and racking up the rewards! Brave's whole schtick is that it improves your privacy by blocking i...

Publish0xTutorials - Where To Find High Quality Cover Images For Your Posts

31 Jan 2020 2 minute read comments friend

Art for art's sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith I am searching for. - George Sand   When attracting viewers (and tips!) to your blog posts on Publish0x few things a...

Mining Ethereum on Kubernetes the Slow Way

28 Jan 2020 3 minute read comments friend

Cover Photo by Shaah Shahidh on Unsplash Foreward ⚠️ WARNING: This isn't actually an efficient way to mine Ethereum. You're unlikely to break even on electricity costs if doing this on your own hardware. If you attempt this on a public IaaS make sur...

How to Speed Up Your Browsing and Save On Mobile Data with Brave Browser

26 Jan 2020 3 minute read comments friend

Cover Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash Mobile Data Woes You've just gotten a text. Is it from a friend? Nope. It's from your wireless carrier and you've just run out of mobile data with ten days left in your billing cycle. We've all been there. Y...