Is BANANO the currency of our future?

Is BANANO the currency of our future?

By friend | good content | 28 Jun 2020

The Distant Future

It is the distant future. The year 2023. Life as we know it is no more. The world has been devastated by a series of crises: pandemics, natural disaster, and unrest. The global financial markets have collapsed. The dollar is worthless. A solar flare took out the electrical grid so not even Bitcoin can save us. We generate what power we can locally through mechanical turbines and burning landfills. Solar power is out of the question. The radiation cloud from the Nuclear War of 2022 made sure of that.

Humanity relies on the technology of the ancients to stay connected --- mobile devices from a more civilized age. Far too weak to mine crypto, but able to be powered by what scarce resources remain. We use these devices to communicate with what is left of our families and friends. We use them perform complex calculations. And, most importantly, we use them to trade.

So imagine you're living in this "society" (if we can even call it that 😏). You need to acquire some sustenance from the local protein dealer. She won't give her pea protein away for free, though! That's for darn sure. She needs to be able to acquire hydroponic equipment from the local alchemist. And he needs to be able to buy petrol from the local BP station for his apocalypse buggy! See where this goes? They all need to exchange a common currency for this. Though the global economy is in shambles, humanity still needs to entertain its base capitalist urges. There is still a need for a trusted, nutrient-rich currency. There is a need for BANANO.

Fortunately you can just open up the Kalium App on your trusty Motorola RAZR and pay the protein dealer with BANANO.


banano monkey of the future

It's 2023, there's billions of cryptocurrencies out there. Why BANANO?

  • It doesn't require mining. This makes BANANO perfect for our compute-scarce future. Something that Bitcoin and Ethereum can't say!
  • Trading is fast and feeless. In the future you're too busy drinking algae to survive and don't have the spare funds to devote to outrageous crypto fees.
  • It is rich in potassium. Maybe this can help your body acclimate to the elevated radiation levels? I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

How Can I Prepare?

First, head on over to the BANANO site and read the getting started materials. Set up the wallet of your choosing. Make sure you read the Yellow Paper if you're skeptical.

There's a section on how to get started with your first BANANOs. Fortunately the community is very generous and there are faucets available where you can sponge up some banoshis. These won't be around in 2023 so stock up while you can.

Next, start mining BANANO.

"But I thought you said BANANO doesn't require mining?"

It doesn't. Which is why it will be perfect for the days when we no longer have the luxury of mining. But we're not there yet. You can "mine" BANANO by contributing CPU and GPU cycles to the Folding@Home project. Instead of wasting electricity and compute power on the blockchain it will instead be used to simulate protein folding and help further medical research! You'll earn BANANO for doing this.

Once you have sufficient starter BANANO you can bet them in a dice game and earn even more*.

* You'll probably lose them. Just HODL the BANANO. Your future self will thank you.





Thank you for your time, friends. If you found this helpful, please toss me a banoshi.




Cover image attribution: Joel Fulgencio on Unsplash

Metro image attribution: Jakob Cotton on Unsplash

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