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Turning Social Capital into Token Value

30 Sep 2019 6 minute read 3 comments FknMayhem

I previously probably mentioned that I have had some experience managing an indie blog network. Of course, our revenue depended on advertising, an integral and historical component and pillar of the publishing industry. Advertising allowed us to pay...

BUZZi, User-Generated Reviews with Earning Potential

30 Aug 2019 3 minute read 0 comments FknMayhem

For years user reviews have whether been reserved to e-commerce platforms or were done mostly by a rather geeky, nerdy crowd of Internet users. While platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor have become rather mainstream, fully mainstream, they are also o...

Witnessing Legend

26 Aug 2019 4 minute read 2 comments FknMayhem

In my life I have been lucky enough to live through a glorious sports era. Memories of the GOATs — greatest of all time — battling it out at Wimbledon are never to be forgotten. Obviously, that made all the more obvious because of the length of some...

tata, a new decentralized social network similar to Instagram

16 Aug 2019 1 minute read 1 comment FknMayhem

I came across the new tata app on ReviewHunt as it was one of the first campaigns the platform offers. Tata, which has an interesting landing on their homepage, is similar to Instagram but then with improved user discovery and also great topical disp...

Alt-C, The Sustainable Powered by Plants Mining Innovation

17 Mar 2019 1 minute read 1 comment FknMayhem

We all know the issue with BTC, and many other coins: mining uses electricity. Lots of electricity. Luckily, always more data centers are switching to green electricity but things can never be enough in this global warming and climate change era.Don’...


Paypal Suspends Paypal User for Using Crypto on Paypal

27 Nov 2020 AlucardLife

30 November 2020
While I totally agree to stay as far away as possible from PP, do you also have a link to the user who reported to get banned? Right now this is merely a blind item.

Burger King is accepting bitcoin (and it is not a fake news)

5 Sep 2019

06 September 2019
If they work with an external payment gateway, then it will be across the country rather than per location based. Most likely the payment processor will pay them in fiat. Much a do about nothing.

Hydro Featured Token Month on Publish0x - Campaign Stats

2 Sep 2019 Igor Tomić

04 September 2019
You could set up event tracking in GA (with onclick). In announcement posts it would be smart to include UTW tags too with campaign and referrer. PS: It would IMHO also be interesting to experiment with adding a small, subtle link in the vote pop-up. Again using UTW tags in the link. While still running these campaigns as tests, I think that would be valuable data to track and possibly include in your pitch/rate card. Brands will IMHO definitely like to know estimations of what they can expect as to estimate the costs point of potential p0x campaigns. Both UAC and token cost point.

Hydro Featured Token Month on Publish0x - Campaign Stats

2 Sep 2019 Igor Tomić

03 September 2019
Any stats on how many outgoing clicks generated to HYDRO?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now the #4 most popular Coin on Coinbase....

2 Sep 2019 OG Crypto

03 September 2019
Oh wait until Roger K gets bored again and wants another fork. 😂

Another Big Privacy Fine for Social Media Violations

1 Sep 2019 Matthew Rosenquist

02 September 2019
Pretty sure your source link is slightly wrong.

The hole

29 Aug 2019 Wakeupkitty

30 August 2019
I am curious why you think/state this > The chance he would end up in prison and spent days in the hole would be nihil. While, obviously, he would have had a [slightly] different cultural background, education is not so different in Germany from the rest of the First World. A lot of principles and values we get in Europe (I’m Belgian) are similar as the ones educated in the USA but, first and foremost, most we receive come from our parents and family, as well as direct peers. Would the family situation have been so much different for him that he would have learned those, IMHO seemingly, no-go areas are no-go areas? Would his mother staying in Germany have led to her being able to direct his moral values better?

Why do you post here?

26 Aug 2019 Wakeupkitty

26 August 2019
While as a reader I'm definitely a csnobc, the democratization of publishing is one of the best things the internet has ever done. We can not blame people for doing what "works" for them. Alright, maybe we can, but that says more about us than about them. As someone writing in my fourth language, a language I never learned beyond reading, I firmly believe that an opinion doesn't require grammatical skills. Of course, the delivery can suffer from poor grammar and effort, but we should definitely continue to make the internet - and publishing - more accessible to always more people. 👌

Witnessing Legend

26 Aug 2019 FknMayhem

26 August 2019
Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. It was a "freewrite", an outlet of emotions I had to get rid of. The entry could definitely use some work - who couldn't use an editor. Glad you enjoyed it. 🤘

Why do you post here?

26 Aug 2019 Wakeupkitty

26 August 2019
I haven't yet "bonded" with the platform and I don't really like its TINYMCE editor either - or the cumbersome process to publish once the draft is finished. But each new writing platform eventually results in finding a new focus, albeit often an eclectic one, and occasionally that results in post which eventually make it to my .FYI site. A site about much and nothing, mostly nothing, but with a collection of writes I particularly enjoyed writing and, after some additional work, am rather satisfied with.

A Financial specialist Purchased a House for 800 BTC, and Later Offered it to Purchase 50 BTC

22 Aug 2019 goldenforex

22 August 2019
So in 3 years he made a 3x return. That's not bad. But greed, right.

The Most Important Development You Never Knew

14 Aug 2019 viraladmin

19 August 2019
Yeah, I get that. :) It's just that personally I've been on a drive to switch as much as possible to USB powered devices in my life. It's amazing what can all be replaced nowadays. Goodbye beautiful amplifier and tower speakers, welcome nice TWS portable speakers. I already have even two rechargeable battery powered (smart) fans. I mean... how many people do you know have 12TB external HDD whittling away in a storage box? Mining cost of BTC is only unprofitable (or was for months) because too much centralized hash rate and jostling for position by mega farms with massive funding. Lowered complexity had less longterm benefits over seeing some midrange competitors sell hardware and maybe even shut shop. ;)

The Most Important Development You Never Knew

14 Aug 2019 viraladmin

19 August 2019
Yeah, same ol’ same ol’. According to the calculator it doesn’t come anywhere close in electricity consumption it would require to operate 4 3TB USB3 HDD. I may let them idle in their box lol.

You cannot outsmart the IRS - New IRS Tax notices reveal

16 Aug 2019

16 August 2019
I am not against taxes. Decentralized exchanges are a dream for the IRS. Everything is public and can be calculated. Personally, I don't approve of privacy tokens because while I love my privacy, I think privacy tokens could hamper mainstreaming. If they are outlawed (for DEX to receive regulatory approval)... that's a price I'm willing to pay. The IRS can freeze your binance or coinbase account tho. I'm on the side of ownership here. Not anti-taxes in this debate.

You cannot outsmart the IRS - New IRS Tax notices reveal

16 Aug 2019

16 August 2019
And that, that’s why we should use only decentralized exchanges. There is no doubt that IRS/SEC will eventually try to outlaw privacy coins because they don’t suit their interests. We will thrive because the number of nodes required to take down will be too big for any agency to get rid of crypto. A centralized exchange requires but one subpoena and they need to start fighting in court.

The Most Important Development You Never Knew

14 Aug 2019 viraladmin

15 August 2019
This is interesting. I actually still have some (USB3) HDDs lying round. Wonder if that would work, time to run some trials. Wouldn’t recommend that on SSDs tough, at least not unless the earnings are solid because their lifespan is shortened by high activity.

Brave Browser vs. Firefox - Getting Through Paywalls (And Spreading Knowledge)

14 Aug 2019 LeftAntiPC

15 August 2019
Never noticed either. Then again, I guess if you don’t see them you won’t realize they’re missing.

What Publish0x needs

17 Mar 2019 Groonie

17 March 2019
Came here because of the logo note, thanks for mentioning that. Can not be unseen anymore. Sadly enough, I made the error of first reading the comments before actually commenting and saw the slightly disheartening message about the crypto content. Couldn’t agree more with @Groonie, crypto platforms need to move beyond crypto. Especially if some day they aspire to attract something else than the average faucet and quick buck freeloader. But alas crypto is “what we know”. *sigh*

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