Alt-C, The Sustainable Powered by Plants Mining Innovation

By FknMayhem | Technology & Innovation | 17 Mar 2019

We all know the issue with BTC, and many other coins: mining uses electricity. Lots of electricity.

Luckily, always more data centers are switching to green electricity but things can never be enough in this global warming and climate change era.

Don’t tell me it’s a hoax. Everyone may have heard of the extreme storms in recent years, some may have heard of the droughts in Australia and California in recent years, and for those who still don’t believe in it now in the Philippines there’s daily water rationing from 5PM to 5AM too. At the beginning of the summer season.

What if there were a way to make mining even more sustainable?


Alt-C by Michael Sedbon

Alt-C is an installation which uses the energy created by plants to mine cryptocurrency.

Yes, plants to power your mining rig. How amazing wouldn’t that be? Imagine, in one of those upcoming cold extreme winters you may be able to heat your room from electricity generated by plants.

I couldn’t really believe it either when I first heard about it, but the prototype is real. A team at the London College of Communication, UAL, has built a complete sustainable mining rig powered by plants.

To make things even better, earned crypto will be used to reinvest in the environment, in farmable land and also plant more trees at a later stage. All powered by AI powered by plant electricity.


Imagine we could live in a new world, a world powered by cryptoes and cryptoes earned by dynamic crowd-knowledge distribution as well as more traditional mining.

Mining powered by green energy, truly green energy.

Now imagine we could combine this even and harvest not only flowers, CBD and THC, from a plant but even use that same weed to power our devices and miners with.

Sometimes tomorrow’s future is now already. It seems that Michael Sedbon and his crew may have just invented that.

Head over to the Alt-C website for more information and even more photos of this amazing setup and innovation. Even if just to drool over their cheaper mining exploits.

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