tata, a new decentralized social network similar to Instagram

By FknMayhem | Technology & Innovation | 16 Aug 2019

I came across the new tata app on ReviewHunt as it was one of the first campaigns the platform offers.

Tata, which has an interesting landing on their homepage, is similar to Instagram but then with improved user discovery and also great topical display/discovery.


As one can expect, especially from platforms shared here on Publish0x, tata allows its users to be rewarded with crypto. Activating earnings is slightly cumbersome a process though, as it requires the TTC Connect app to be additionally installed and then users need to go through TTC’s KYC process. While the process goes rather quickly, I can imagine many will not want to go through KYC. Others will not mind but will land on a rather poor submission page, with little content.

Where installing a second app is already poor UX, the fact that KYC happens outside of the tata app is not the best user experience, especially not given that tata is a potentially viral app which is not entirely focused on crypto and could thus attract more users who don’t really care about crypto or aren’t yet that much into crypto and don’t know the how/what/why/when of KYC/AML.

Once done all that, I enjoyed tata’s “spin on Instagram”. The app, and its users, are still rather niche but there’s usually a beauty about. Beauty in the sense that things are more honest, more natural, less manufactured for [strike] dopamine[/strike] likes... more naive so to say.

tata still needs some polishing left and right but is definitely worth a try for dopamine lovers and life-sharers. Even without any photo filters in the app yet. 

tata is available for both ios and Android and can be downloaded now.


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