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Dark Energy Crystals are Unleashed: Earn with Spliterlands an addictive and lucrative Crypto Game

1 day ago globetrotter $0.06 (12.0685 BNTY)

Are you fond of playing games? Are you looking for a game that earns you Crypto? Splinterlands is a card collectible game where you can collect, trade and earn the DEC in-game tokens. Splinterlands is built on Steem Blockchain with the most active pl...

Who is responsible for the problems of your life?

2 days ago globetrotter $0.06 (12.0877 BNTY)

Who is responsible for the problems of your life? Although It may seem in our mind that someone else is responsible for our misfortune or Heartbreak, playing the guilt game really doesn't work. You may feel that your poor confidence or your own pictu...

Millions of CBNT for Grabs!

3 days ago globetrotter $0.12 (23.1001 BNTY)

I am loving this Platform for their dedication and proceedings as promised. It surely is a Platform for People who have never made Money Online. Little efforts on your Part Can Earn you very Powerful Rewards, every day. No Investment, simple Work to...