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For a large number of people, deer live mostly in North America, Europe and perhaps Asia. In North America, There are mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, several elks, caribou, and ELK. These are all subspecies of deer and counting, there are about 10 species and subspecies of deer in North America. Would you be surprised that there are many species and subspecies of deer in South America?

Many people, the honest answer would probably be yes, it's a surprise. Yet not only are there deer in South America, but there are also many more species than in North America. In fact, South America has almost two or three times more deer and subspecies than in North America. In Fact, there are more species of deer from South America and Asia than in the rest of the world combined. In Asia, there are also many different types of deer.

None of the deer in South America is almost the size of the largest type of deer, namely, Mosses and ELK. However, some species are compared in size to white-tailed deer and mule. That Is to say, about four feet tall on the shoulder and up to 200 or more pounds.

Habits tend to be similar between deer on both continents, with some notable exceptions. So most of the deer breed in North America in the fall and they still have young people in the spring. Many South American deer could breed at any time of the year and have juveniles.

There may also be a slight variation in appearance. Some species of South American deer have white-stained skins, and some have distinctive dark marks on their face. They can also be bright red. In North America, most of the deer above are reddish-brown or grey and pale or white in the abdomen, usually without distinctive marks on the face.

There are deer in South America that have also spread "teeth. "These are the Guemals of the high Andes, at home at 10000-15000 feet. Unlike the Chinese deer, which are long enough to be traceable even when the deer has closed the mouth, the teeth are not generally visible. The opening image is Guemal.

The smallest species of deer on the planet live in South America. It's called Pudu and its average stature at maturity is about a foot. The common weight for Pudu is slightly less than 30 pounds and the males are generally superior to the fact.

In South America, there are an extensive number of deer, both regarding various species and a number of people. Yet, a great many people don't have the foggiest idea. Many have not been very much investigated and some live in regions of troublesome access, however, the deer are there. There are additionally deer on all landmasses with the exception of in Australia and Antarctica.


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