Success doesn't last, but it doesn't last for failure.

Success doesn't last, but it doesn't last for failure.

I don't lose well. I'd say in advance. Anyone who knows me can know. That's why I feel qualified to write on this subject because I need it as much as anyone.

I think I would call humility, at least in part, like the ability to lose well.

To lose well, you must dominate our pride. This means that we can withstand the victories that others have, and they cannot rule out their moment of success. It would also mean that we sincerely pray for others to succeed, even at our expense, if it were the best of all. And it takes great wisdom to be able to see and admit what is best is the best. This is a difficult prayer to pray, especially when it comes to praying for someone who is not connected to us in nature, even maybe someone whom we think has hurt us.

I wonder about such a prayer, and I desire such a skill, and sometimes I have tried it, but it is far from dominating my character. In my secret, I know I still have to be mechanically humiliated (which means I have to admit it to knowledge) when I have bankruptcy experience.

It seems to Me that the character of the Beatitudes is very good to be able to tell a joy in the loss of good. And it is easy to hide those words and not let them penetrate to the point where we face the truth.

If that truth comes up, if the pressure goes up, we'd be much better off the truth.

Such truth is always uncomfortable.

It's kind of like the snake game and the stairs. As we played recently, it reminded me of the importance of being able to land on a snake's head for the fun of the game and crawl through the snake gracefully. Just as important is to climb a ladder without shining. Because snakes and stairs are a game. Life is that kind of thing, isn't it?

Success and failure are indiscriminate. Once we have had success and our wallet in the glory, we soon disappointed the face again a failure. I remember Rudyard Kipling citing how triumphant and catastrophic were the two scammers in his famous poem "If ".

Success doesn't last, but it doesn't last for failure.

Failure does not feel like a defeat if we can live patiently and without success.

If we can live without a sense of success, nothing in this world can really defeat.

See the victory?

From my point of view, it may seem impossible to reach a place where the loss of good is coherent behavior and behavior. In other words, not being able to go our own way and always be happy, even perfectly happy, as if we had our own way.

Maybe it's the Disciple's greatest challenge. To be able to lose what we want and understand that our desires are correct without obfuscating them in desires; It is a victory of the key character and the sign of Christ in us.

We can ensure that God does not end when we have the attitude of his glorification in our minds and hearts when things go against us. It is not an easy goal to achieve, but being lively is something we can practice sometime.

It is strongly recommended if you make this hard if you have an attitude of joy.

Such an attitude is chosen.

It never comes naturally.

It's Will's decision.

Maybe that's what gives us the courage for the future. Knowing God pleases God for the fact that he is at peace. And that real victory is the character we show in defeat.

To count it as joy, to lose well, is to recognize the work of God in us by uniting our character with Christ.


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