Self-esteem is a path to nothingness, but the unconditional love of God

Self-esteem is a path to nothingness, but the unconditional love of God

"Pardon yourself. "Be pleasant to yourself. "You like it. "what's more, a collective that I've frequently been blameworthy of empowering individuals: " Be thoughtful to yourself. "All the good-natured turns, however totally void in the profound helpfulness; The likeness the sweet junk food in the high GI.

Self-esteem is everywhere these days, especially in social networks; Even among those who confessed to believing in Jesus. Always present for humanity, both of our preference for sin, on this day is inevitable and also imitates the church, which must be well saved by a love linked to God.

No wonder it doesn't work.

But unfortunately, we are human beings! We are destined to resolve! Why don't we adapt to some of our miserable powers in our weakness?

Why not? Because it doesn't work...

It is in our weakness that we are obliged to add even more weakness in the vain hope that makes us strong. But power only comes when we are honest with God when we need God. Love cannot and does not come from ourselves.

This age sucked us. Others pretend to give us permission to sin a little. Whether it is the grandiose self-absorption, the photos worthy of the social networks, the family and other celebrations which present the image that we are extremely blessed, which generates envy in others or the religious favor of the same hyperopia, the small ones Celebrity problems are a common idolatry, celebrities are semi-gods, we are all fanatics of someone or something, and everything is a path to nothing dressed like heaven, and if so, completely devoid of God.

All roads to nowhere are a journey to confusion and spiritual frustration because we strive for a feeling that cannot be fulfilled or mastered. And the worst is the practice of a daring self-insurance that is not conscious or does not change.

But... if we aspire to the right, the best, the counterintuitive, we will be satisfied.

There's a love that works!

I understand why the world is annihilated by a love story about self-esteem. It seems so often reasonable.

Why are we leaving? Easy. It is the opposite direction to self-hatred that literally sweeps the world in waves for the amusement of the devil. Self-esteem is not comparable to the rumors of auto-hatred that we all hear once in a while by ourselves.

Self-knowledge could cause immediate thirst, such as a cigarette for a nicotine injection. But soon this empty reality impressed our consciousness again. This existential loop! He's not going to leave. We can't fix it. There's a hole in us that's full but in a sense.

There is a way to combat this result that binds to our mind.

There's a way, but that's not what we expect. There's only one love that can help.

A love beyond any vain idol that we otherwise cling to.

First, you have to mention why self-esteem is ridiculous. How does a self-reliance person talk to himself when he can't control that auto-hate voice?

Self-esteem is used as an attempt to control something that we have no control over.

We do not want to admit to ourselves that we are coming out of the hand, or that we cannot control every iota of our lives. If we are honest, it is a frightening thought. And we do not want to intrinsically give God our remaining control that faith needs, it is trusted if we prefer self-sufficiency or other confidence. They rabbrividevano thought, many think, every power we have to give to God!

But the supremacy of love exists by letting loose what can only harm us.

We have to trust this love that only serves to be loved. Self-esteem can never be a form of a lover.

What a cosmic paradox it is: we must let go of our love to understand how much we are loved.

Our commitment to self-esteem suggests that we deny it. Self-confidence is used to combat its opposite. The use of self-esteem suggests that we need it because we are committed to self-hatred. And because we are committed to self-hatred, we must now agree that self-esteem is a journey into futility. It may not work because it comes from us dealing with self-abortion. Do you follow the logic?

We cannot be loved by someone who turns to us.

If the love we loved is partly hatred, we don't really believe that love is really loved.

In some ways, at the end of each of us, we feel unworthy of unconditional love. God must show us that we are worthy to love. God did this on the cross.

We need a love that is foreign to us. What you get beyond what our resources can create.

A love that comes from within too often doubts its sincerity.

And a broken love, a love of the same breasts, is doomed to fail as we are when we feel more broken.

The love that we need Is love, which is completely unconditional and eternally responsible-l'amour the trust, the safest and most well-known, which is also the only authentic and safe love. But this love is also more common for rejection. We reject them because, once again, I hate to rely on what is foreign to us, and we consider the trust difficult or ridiculous. He doesn't feel safe. It looks like a great sacrifice.

Dependence on the outside is a waiver of control. We can't control God, but we can't even control life. And we can not experience the love of God without letting him go. However, this is the best risk we can ever take. This absolutely trustworthy love is 30, 60, 100 times better than any love we can claim to ourselves.

Self-esteem is a path to nothingness, but the unconditional love of God

It is paved like a golden path to the cross soaked in the blood of Jesus Christ and never separates.

To confess our poverty of the spirit, to liberate us from our pride and our sin, is to bring our cross with Christ, to identify with Jesus, to trust God who knows best; And in it, the Holy Spirit fills us with the love of the father until the end of peace, hope and joy.

The Cross is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To know love is to know love; When God came down to stand; The enigmatic depth of love in a grace that forgives our guilt and liberates us from living as if we were already in heaven.


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