Dark Energy Crystals are Unleashed: Earn with Spliterlands an addictive and lucrative Crypto Game

Dark Energy Crystals are Unleashed: Earn with Spliterlands an addictive and lucrative Crypto Game


Are you fond of playing games?

Are you looking for a game that earns you Crypto?

Splinterlands is a card collectible game where you can collect, trade and earn the DEC in-game tokens. Splinterlands is built on Steem Blockchain with the most active players. It can be joined using the Tronlink, either. More options to join this awesome game is by paying with any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance coin, Dash, Monero, Steem, SBD or Tron thus giving you multiple options to get started. 

Paypal option is also available if you want to buy with USD.


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A cataclysmic event, known as The Splintering, violently reshaped a once peaceful landscape into six separate kingdoms.

The world was thrust into chaos and war as the inhabitants of the six known Splinters fought for control of what became known as the Splinterlands.

An ancient prophecy foretells of a hero who will reunite the Splinters against the Greater Enemy, saving the world from a near inevitable doom.







Thanks to the full transparency of the blockchain's distributed ledger, it's easy to see how many of each different card exist in the entire game. So unlike in games like Hearthstone, you can see exactly how rare, and valuable your cards actually are!


With the blockchain, your cards are actually yours, and they can only be transfered with your private keys. This means that even the creators of the game cannot take them away from you and you are free to buy, sell, or trade them just like physical trading cards!


All of the battle results, and the cards contained in Booster packs, are generated by a published algorithm based on unpredictable data from the blockchain itself. This means that no one, even the creators, can tamper with battle results, or give certain players better cards in packs.



There are six sources of magic in the Splinterlands:

  • Fire elementFIRE
  • Water elementWATER
  • Earth elementEARTH
  • Life elementLIFE
  • Death elementDEATH
  • Dragon elementDRAGON

Each of these primal forces is championed by distinct factions known as Splinters.

A Summoner uses magic to call upon the various races, habitats, and creatures that exist within the same Splinter. For example, a Summoner of the Earth Splinter will be able to call forth monsters that live in the mountains and forests.


To start playing this wonderful game all you need to do is to buy a Starter pack containing 30 cards. I look forward to seeing you playing as part of my Team for some wonderful giveaways and much more. 


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