Minimum Prices and Fees

By Africahead | Brand Tokens | 1 Aug 2020

By Marquard Dirk Pienaar


According to Intequinism, businesses will maximise their brand values, if they ask minimum prices for services and goods. Intequinism is used at Africahead. Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), a new cryptocurrency exchange, listing brand tokens, in development by Africahead, for example, aims to minimize fees. Listing fees are only recovered as a commission on capital raised. It is not necessary for brand developers to pay large listing fees upfront, therefore they can raise capital from a low cost base.

When i was a university lecturer of management accounting, the curriculum required teaching; maximum prices of goods and services, according to mainstream theories, maximise share prices and brand values. The valuation theory favoring maximum prices of goods and services, is based on cash flow valuations. The more net-cash flows in, the higher the valuation of a brand. It is how brandvalues of stock exchange companies are maximised. This methodology however does not recognize the negative effect high prices have on consumers. The theory only considers investors, maximising the dividends they receive from stock exchanges. The maximum price/profit methodology also favors charity, which is part of current capitalist religious dogma. Maximum profits are made. After that, the people who are not employed in the system are kept on the breadline with charity out of the maximum profits, driven by stock exchanges. When a majority shareholder of a stock exchange company, decides, he is rich enough, and therefore wants to reduce prices, he cannot, because of minority shareholders, wanting maximum cash inflow. Stock exchanges thus increase the unsustainable gap between the richest and the poorest, whilst keeping those not employed in the system, on the breadline. The difference in own life style, asking-minimum-prices causes, is, it is not necessary to pity others with charity. Own luxuries are minimized when prices and fees are minimized, and after that, charity is not required to feel good. It is true what Nietzsche wrote. Necessitated pity, are crosses Christ are crucified on. Nietzsche's comprehension is in line with contemporary philosophy, showing, vagrancy is the result of mainstream religions' philosophy, causing the maximisation of profits and the upkeep of non-profit organisations out of the maximum profits. Many are sacrificed to make maximum profit, partly to feel superior over others when pitying them with charity. The honest are sacrificed the most, as explained in the Old Testament, often becoming vagrants or despotic "kings", if the idea Love is not respected.


On IPPAEX, where brand tokens are listed, a brand owner is not locked in, to make maximum profit as on stock exchanges, because brands are not exclusive to maximum profit business. Non-profit companies, for example, also have brand value, therefore a non-profit business can also list a brand token on IPPAEX. IPPAEX is not limited to current dominant capitalist ideas.

Minimum Prices and Fees

How can minimum prices of goods and services maximise brand values? Taking IPPAEX as an example. Currently IPPAEX fees are partly dependent on using other exchanges, but that will change when enough capital is raised for an "own" platform. The less fees are received, the more cash investors have in their pockets. It is thus a more wholistic view than the valuation theory used on stock exchanges. Investors and consumers are considered. On stock exchanges, only investors are favored. If Africahead eventually expands its business to supply other goods and services, the same minimum prices and fees will apply, according to Intequinism. Buyers of those Africahead goods and services will also have more cash in their pockets than when buying from a maximum price/profit, stock exchange company.

Investing in Africahead Ipparts (AFA), Africahead's brand token considers the good effect Africahead's business methodology has on consumers also. Many consumers worldwide are not invested into stock exchanges and are therefore just disadvantaged by maximum goods/services prices of stock exchanges. The Africahead good effect is wholistically "discounted" into the brand value, which must increase the Africahead brand value. The increasing brand value gives the return on investment in AFA tokens.

Minimum prices have other benefits to society as well. Financial security will be wider spread than in current capitalism, because asking minimum prices, implies, i and employees of Africahead must reduce living expenses to a minimum acceptable level. This requirement of Intequinism will obviously reduce prices of goods and services, and increase financial security of all. Too much financial security, of some individuals, in the stock exchange system will not be relevant, because of minimisation of living standards.

Financial Security

Dignified financial security to more people, is a problem on stock exchanges, because of centralisation of value at a few people, whilst others are moving closer to the bread line, living off of charity. Artificial Intelligence reduces employment and financial security, whilst maximising profits, similar to the Industrial Revolution, which caused Communism. In Communism/Socialism, basically the same is happening as in Capitalism, because there, it is grants controlled by governments, as opposed to charity controlled by private investors, keeping many people on the breadline. The root of the problem in capitalism and communism/socialism is the same. In summary, a root is "intelligence" systems, which do not respect "the Creator", who form good ideas, necessary for the sustainable dignified living of large populations.

A Conclusion

It is possible with new valuation theory for brands on IPPAEX, to improve current capitalism and communist/socialist ideas, by spreading financial security, without forcefully transfering wealth during revolutions.

IPPAEX is a cryptocurrency exchange where theories can develop, to find the best theories, maximising brand values. Theorising is not limited to the maximisation of profits and paying dividends/charity out of it, which is the current capitalist system, kept in place by stock exchanges primarily.

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Africahead is a copyrighted brand mark and the transacting name of a business, registered during 1999 in South Africa. The registered name is Moiom Close Corporation. The brand mark consists of the name Africahead and the map image of Africa.

Brand Tokens
Brand Tokens

A clear distinction can be made between brand tokens and utility tokens. Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) lists only brand tokens or in other words, tokens, contractually backed by Intellectual Property, which cannot be sold again in the future.

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