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I'm a young-ish man in search of freedom and inner peace. Join me as I explore ways to become mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially free.

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Never Good Enough - Self-Improvement Obsession

10 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Sixex

I think Kaizen or "continuous improvement" is a great ideal to practice in your life. By improving ourselves we can improve the quality of our lives, as well as those we come into contact with. However, I've found there is a dark side to self-improve...

Our Purpose as Humans

25 Sep 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Sixex

Most animals essentially have one purpose, to survive long enough to pass on their genes. I’d like to think that humans have a purpose greater than that. The human race has advanced past the point of barely scraping by for survival and now the “survi...

My Perfect Life

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Sixex

I figured that in order to know what I really want out of life and what my overall goals are, I should write them out. So I created a vision of my own "perfect life" and vision statement. And if I were to never fully realize this vision... it's perfe...

Not Every Marshmallow is Worth Eating

22 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Sixex

The Standford Marshmallow Test is famous for being a study in delayed gratification. In this experiment, a child test subject is told they can eat a marshmallow if they want, but if they waited for long enough, they will get two marshmallows. Follow-...

Apologive Yourself - Cleanse Guilt and Regret

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Sixex

It seems like a good day to create a new compound word, “Apologiveness”. Apologiveness means to apologize to and forgive yourself. It’s a great way to cleanse yourself of guilt and regret. These are just some examples of what's weighing on me. Come u...

Life is Too Goddamn Short to be Miserable

31 Jul 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Sixex

The lifespan of an adult mayfly is between 30 minutes and two days. We always live as though we have this vast amount of time in front of us. We put off happiness until some later date when everything in our life is perfect. We are told that once we...

Does External Freedom Make You Happy?

25 Jul 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Sixex

A couple years back I was on a company trip to Mexico. I was on a private beach by myself. No co-workers around. Just me, a cerveza and my Kindle. I had absolutely nothing planned, but there were plenty of options between events at the resort, excurs...

Freedom From My Neighbor's Dog

25 Jul 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Sixex

My neighbor's dog is left outside 24/7/365. Approximately 1/3 of its waking hours are dedicated solely to barking. Sirens trigger barking, other dogs barking triggers barking, me opening my door two houses down triggers barking, and being a bored dog...


Our Purpose as Humans

25 Sep 2020 Sixex

26 September 2020
Yeah too often I treat others with kindness, but not myself (but I'm a person too and deserve kindness from myself).

Have you been to Romania?

2 Sep 2020 Alymom

02 September 2020
Very interesting looking cathedral!

Eating Beondegi (Bugs) in Korea

29 Aug 2020 Drew Binsky

29 August 2020
Never had any desire to try those or the live octopus haha

MUD FEST - Boryeong, South Korea

27 Aug 2020 Drew Binsky

28 August 2020
Went there in 2015, so much fun!

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

25 Aug 2020 luizbilang

26 August 2020
This is kind of how I am... but I sometimes feel stupid for not being excellent at certain things I feel I should be an expert in, like playing guitar or speaking Spanish.

Dash Demos Decentralized Twitter and Merchant DApps Leveraging Blockchain Usernames

20 Aug 2020 TheDesertLynx

22 August 2020
Still mad I accidentally sent 8 Dash to an invalid address earlier this year :/ Still have a handful though.

Ha noi in viet nam

17 Aug 2020 Tuanhoavt

18 August 2020
Was a lot of fun to visit there! (Especially side trips to Ha Long Bay, etc.) Wouldn't exactly describe the city as "peaceful" though haha

Life is Too Goddamn Short to be Miserable

31 Jul 2020 Sixex

31 July 2020
That's why I like camping. When you go without all your creature comforts for a while, you can really appreciate them when you're back in your house.

Does External Freedom Make You Happy?

25 Jul 2020 Sixex

26 July 2020
Why mischievous? lol

Freedom From My Neighbor's Dog

25 Jul 2020 Sixex

25 July 2020
I'm sure you won't even notice it after a while.

Freedom From My Neighbor's Dog

25 Jul 2020 Sixex

25 July 2020
Exactly. It's just not doing my any good to react negatively to it and create more stress for myself. I'm glad you focus on the positives and joy dogs can bring.

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Atari Partners with Blockchain Gaming Platform Ultra

25 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Gaming company Atari has partnered with blockchain-based gaming platform Ultra to see the latter’s platform launch on Atari’s new VCS console, according to an announcement made on September 24. With the Ultra integration, users will be able to spend...

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 2

30 Aug 2020 5 minute read comments BryRi

Have you ever driven, taken a bus, rode in a cab, or walked by the same place everyday, only to recognize something different?  Maybe it was a random person walking by, or a different sign on a storefront.  But what was really happening was you were...

Eating Beondegi (Bugs) in Korea

29 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Drew Binsky

his is a video of me eating Beondegi from a street vendor in Seoul, Korea. Beondegi is a common street food & snack, that was the most disgusting that I've ever eaten. It's literally boiled silkworms! I've eaten lots of crazy things since I've been...

What I've Learned from Feeling Anxiety and Depression

25 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments jennyblissasana

  There are SO many things I want to thank my anxiety and depression for. Back in the 2000’s/2010’s I was plagued by these 2 but had no idea what it was (swipe 4 old photos). #anxietytips wasn’t exactly a hashtag then! But in many ways these hard s...

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

25 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments luizbilang

We often hear people saying "Wow! You're a jack of all trades.". Some might know what this means but for those who don't: A jack of all trades is often a compliment for a person who is good at fixing things, and has a very good broad knowledge. ...

Staking Platforms and services for Defi - (last updated on Sept 18/2020)

28 Jul 2020 6 minute read comments fblauer

Introduction Time to start getting ready. "Proof of stake" networks have been around for a while, but have entered the spotlight more recently since most of the "next generation" of blockchains will be using this method of consensus, instead of proof...

New Market Movement: Next Stop $12,000?

25 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Update 7-27:2020: Bitcoin is soaring at over $11,000, peaking at $11,420 and now holding around $11,200 - Finally putting the days of waiting for a 10K to an end.  Ethereum, ZEC, BNB, and more are all making great gains as well.  What in the hell is...

Dash Core Group Confirms Ambitious Platform, Including Blockchain Usernames, Set for Q4 Main Testnet Release

24 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

Dash Core Group has confirmed a definitive release date for Dash Platform, previously codenamed Evolution, in Q4 of this year on testnet. During a recent quarterly call for Dash Core Group, the main development arm of the Dash network, CTO Bob Carro...

What’s Brave Done For My Privacy Lately #5: Grab Bag

23 Jul 2020 11 minute read comments Brave Browser

This post was republished from The Brave Blog. The original post can be found here. Brave has shipped a steady stream of privacy-improving features over the last month, to keep one-step-ahead of trackers. Note: This is the fifth in an ongoing,...



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