Marshmallows in a pile

Not Every Marshmallow is Worth Eating

By Sixex | Me Being Free | 22 Aug 2020

The Standford Marshmallow Test is famous for being a study in delayed gratification. In this experiment, a child test subject is told they can eat a marshmallow if they want, but if they waited for long enough, they will get two marshmallows. Follow-up studies showed that the children who were able to show more self-control became more competent, successful (and presumably happier) adults.

Sometimes life presents you with these "marshmallows" and you're tempted to gobble them up right away. But sometimes you need to keep in mind that if you don't take the marshmallow, there will be much, much more mallowy goodness in your future. An obvious example would be; you can go into debt buying this brand new car now OR you can invest that money (possibly in crypto) and have lots of money (or crypto) saved up for a rainy day or other things you want and need.

Sometimes before you give into a temptation, you have to think about what your future self would say about your choice. Would they be glad you ate the one "mallow", or would they be angry because it caused you to miss out on something even greater?

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