I thought this is the end of the world - Thank you Project Hydro, Publish0x Family and more #MoreThanHumanity #Philippines-Earthquake

Can we stop a little bit about the cryptocurrency price, blockchain technologies, crypto news in this crypto world? I just want to share this with you on how #Humanity works even in the blockchain space.

When my house hit by a devastating 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Kidapawan City (Check the news here), my house is really broken and there's a landslide incoming a few meters away, The situation is really hard no food, no water, no electricity. Just me, family and enough phone batteries. So we don't have a choice to move to the evacuation site and stay in a TENT for 3 days.




Based on the news at least 17 deaths already confirmed and even our famous hotels are collapse with thousands of families affected.



People are begging about foods, water and medicines for their daily needs. Although I already prepared about this kind of situation but the money can't pay the trauma cost. Almost every hour we feel shaking due to aftershocks. But we're still gladly safe and no one hurts on our side.

 we have enough food supply. So we share some of our stocks to the community.


(they said please help us they need food and water)

Some of the streets are broken with lots of cracks.



A few meters away we already saw the landslide coming here and were forced to evacuate due to the risk of landslides following a 6.6-magnitude earthquake.


I thoughts its already the end of the world, I don't know what to do and how to build or restart again.

But when I posted these photos I was shocked that lots of crypto friends pm me and asking on they can help. They were praying for our safetiness.

Sir Dan Bainbridge is part of Publish0x he gave a cash donation for $1,000 worth of ETH




and more than 1 million hydro tokens from Project Hydro Family what a big heart.



From different projects as well they already give a little cash amount. BTC and via western union.

You can check my tweet here:


I know I've been working hard all of this stuff just to build my own house for almost 5 years and just a snap it's all broken. But thank you for your advice and prayers guys.


For those retweeted my post. I really appreciated it. Thanks a lot.


Honestly, I don't want to cry but because of this kind of Humanity, my god my tears went go through easily. This is really amazing and I didn't expect this. For a couple of days, I have a fast recovery as well as my family and want to burst, build, spread the good news soon and I'm so excited!

Again thank you so much for the donation, Now my plan for a couple of days is to help other communities here so that they will feel what I'm feeling today.

If you want to help any cash assistance you can send it via ETH below or you can PM me via telegram @kenberey. I will accept any ERC token if you have a trash token that's fine. A little amount will bring a big impact to our hearts.



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