How Crypto Saved My Family

How Crypto Saved My Family


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Hi, my name is Ken. I just want to share my own story and experience on how crypto helped me when the massive earthquakes hit us in Kidapawan City, Philippines.

I was at home reading and working when suddenly, the windows began to shake and produced a strong noise. I didn't know where it came from. I was very afraid because this is the first time I experienced this massive shake, so I ran to secure my family and bring them outside of the house as we were very frightened.

The house was shaking for about 70 seconds. The windows were broken and I witnessed our neighbour’s house falling slowly. When the earthquake stopped, we checked our house and I was shocked because it was a complete disaster.

The walls had fallen, cracks were everywhere, and people were coming out of their houses. It was very cold that night. People were asking if there's anyone who got injured. We turned on the radio and listened to the news. They said it was a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Lots of people were sad, crying and traumatized. I couldn’t even think straight when I saw my son crying so hard, asking me what happened.

Some of my friends and neighbours were injured, but thankfully no one died. It was a very bad day and I didn’t know what to do. My heart was racing and we were all afraid. We were not sure if it would strike again. My mind telling me this is just a dream, a nightmare I just needed to wake up, drink water and all would be fine. But, no! My eyes showed me the reality.





It was not a dream, it's really happening. We were advised to stay in the evacuation center temporarily, just to have food, shelter and most importantly, for us to be safe. I didn’t have any money by that time since all of my savings were in my bank account. I checked my pocket, only to find out I'm broke, and my money is limited for only a few days for my daily use of living. 

My computer and laptop were destroyed; our walls are totally damaged, but luckily there's electricity that we can use to recharge our mobile phones. I was about to withdraw my money to have some quick cash to buy water, food, and other stuff we needed but, unfortunately, even the banks were damaged and closed. I tried to roam around in the small city.

All banks and ATM machines were closed on that day because they were also affected by the earthquake. For the first time, the happy city that I've known for so long turns into a ghost town. An empty city, no people, stores are closed, no market available, buildings are ruined, even the roads are broken, and no water supply. I'm running out of ideas on how and where I can get what we needed in time. But I know God has a plan, and He didn't forget us. 

When my internet signal went back to normal, I contacted my crypto friends, colleagues, and told them about what happened to us. Since then, I'm truly grateful! Crypto helped me a lot during this calamity since the banks were not fully operational yet, so I'm still unable to withdraw any cash. My friends d and colleagues sent me help using cryptocurrency.

I received Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Hydro (HYDRO), Basic Attention Token (BAT), from Publish0x and more. I'm so very blessed on that day and grateful when I opened my crypto wallet (metamask and bitcoin wallet).

I couldn’t contain my happiness. Tears fell down my face not because I'm sad. They were tears of joy. I was encouraged that so many people from across the world reached out to help, and allowed me to continue my journey and start living again.

I put aside my negative thoughts and motivated myself to work harder to provide for my family's needs. After I switched all coins/tokens and transferred it to local wallets into fiat PHP, I borrowed some money from my friend to move to the next city.

In that city, I was able to withdraw my fiat currency money through stores that accepted it, so there was no need for a bank. I went back to my hometown and I started to build my new house and buy some important things. Since we heard that the earthquake will still run for the next 6 months, I decided to build a temporary small house made of solid wood instead of expensive materials just to keep my family safe and secure.

If there weren’t any cryptocurrencies, I wouldn’t be able to withdraw my money instantly. The banks asked me many questions before I could withdraw my savings. Sometimes the banks are all offline when you need them, their service fees are too high, and sometimes you have to wait 2-3 days to withdraw just for confirmation. 

More recently, I finished my stockroom and my small house in just a few days. Thank you for the help, prayers and support! I really appreciate it!

I don't know how to pay you all back, so this will serve as my reason to work hard and to do well. Thank you so much. It was a fast recovery for me and I'm so blessed. Now I can keep continuing my journey, spreading the good news, educating people and supporting crypto projects. This is the best gift I ever had for Christmas/Holiday Season and for the end of 2019.


Thank you for reading and God bless!




Ken(Crypto Reporters)
Ken(Crypto Reporters)

Crypto enthusiast, trader, Sales Representative, Bizdev, Data Entry.

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