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No-Nonsense Review: The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

19 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

This movie exists in the Hammer Film universe of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and is distinct from the earlier Universal Wolf Man movies starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot/the Wolf Man. Fifteen minutes into this 1961 film, and it's booooring. It lacks...

Free Crypto: A Beginner's Guide

13 Oct 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

You want to earn free crypto, and do very little to get it.  You also want to avoid scams. There are hundreds of sites that offer free crypto; most are not worth your time. I've tried a bunch (and made over $200 in a few months)--you can learn from m...

No-Nonsense Review: The Raven (1935)

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi brought monsters to life in Frankenstein, The Mummy, and Dracula. In this horror, they're again monsters, but of the human variety.  Lugosi is a doctor who quotes Edgar Allen Poe and brags about building some of Poe's to...

Free DASH - PipeFlare's Third Free Coin, Straight to Your Wallet

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

PipeFlare is a faucet that drips directly into your wallet. This is unlike other faucets that can't be withdrawn until you reach a minimum amount. Coins Available PipeFlare has offered both Zcoin (ZEC) and PIVX. It just added a new faucet--DASH. Ease...

Easy, Free ZEN

29 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Byzantius

New faucet giving out free ZEN directly to your wallet. Easy to use. Only once per day.  Horizen Faucet - It works. It’s simple. It’s basically the same as PipeFlare and GlobalHive which send Zcash (ZEC) directly to your wallet. 

No-Nonsense Review: The Phantom Creeps (1939)

29 Aug 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Byzantius

Often, with old movies, the pacing is so slow that the story can be hard to get into. 1939's The Phantom Creeps suffers from the exact opposite problem--the action and story are in your face from go, and so much happens in the 73 minutes that the fil...

A Reliable Faucet with a Low Withdrawal Threshold

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

There are a lot of faucets and other sources of free crypto. I don't use or share links to most of them. Many have problems (for me). I want to know: It's easy, I can earn a meaningful amount relatively quickly, and I can get it into my wallet. A...

Free Crypto Directly to Your Wallet

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

I just shared where I get my free crypto. Here's a quick note about a new, easy, free source called PipeFlare. Create a username and password, then claim two cryptos: Zcash (ZEC) and PIVX. These go directly to your wallet—no hassle, no middleman. Pi...

Where I Score Free Crypto, and You Can Too

20 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

A few months back, I set out to see if I could make a few bucks in free crypto. I didn't think I'd get rich, and I haven't. But, I have made a couple hundred bucks (see the pic!). Here's how (with links): I track my free crypto in Coinbase. I know...

No-Nonsense Review: The Wolf Man (1941)

19 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Byzantius

In 1941, Universal introduced Larry Talbot as the Wolf Man, but he was not Universal's first werewolf. That honor goes to Werewolf of London, released six years earlier. But it was Talbot, played by the legendary Lon Chaney Jr., who was destined to b...


Crypto Passive Income Report - September 2020

1 Oct 2020 ExponentialOne

02 October 2020
Awesome! Liked and tipped. You should check out PipeFlare--it's basically the same as GlobalHive (instantly pays out in Zcash straight to your wallet)--BUT, it also pays DASH and PIVX, both straight to your wallet. If you check it out, I'd appreciate you using my referral link: Good luck!

Coinmarketcap 25/09/2020

26 Sep 2020 sevillaespino

26 September 2020
What happened to Coinmarketcap’s latest Earn promotion? I haven’t heard anything about it although the campaign was supposed to end 5 days ago.

I received $3 from Fire Faucet! Crypto Earning Challenge Week 7 Update

20 Sep 2020 Sara Spa

20 September 2020
Hi Sara, thanks for the update, as always. I wish there was a way to DM, but there's not that I can tell, so I am messaging here. I found yet another really good source of free crypto. It's one I've seen a lot and for some reason dismissed immediately and ignored until recently. It's called Cointiply (my referral link is Here's the deal: it's a faucet, like any other, BUT, it has other ways to earn, including 3 that really seem to work: (1) PTC (pay to click) ads--you click, leave the window open for 10 seconds, then collect coins, (2) surveys (there are a bunch of places that offer surveys, but on here, the ones by TheoremResearch pay a lot and are really quick and easy), and (3) something called "rain"--it's basically a chat board--you add 2 or 3 things to chat (as simple as "hello") and you qualify to share in a pool of coins that "rain" down in about 20 minutes. The pool is filled based on how much people are earning on the site, and your share is determined by (a) how much you've earned that day and (b) how many other people are sharing. Anyway, I'm letting you know because I was able to withdraw $5 in Bitcoin in THREE DAYS!!! It. Is. Ridiculous. Anyway, I haven't had a chance to write an article about it yet, but thought you should be aware of it immediately. Good luck this week! I hope to read about Cointiply in your next update!

Brave Rewards and ETH Gas Fees

7 Sep 2020 raamesa

07 September 2020
Is it 100 BAT or $100? Sorta ambiguous from the tweet.

Crypto Passive Income Report - August 2020

1 Sep 2020 ExponentialOne

02 September 2020
And tipping! lol

Crypto Passive Income Report - August 2020

1 Sep 2020 ExponentialOne

02 September 2020
Not a bad month, especially since it's passive! By the way, there's another faucet basically just like GlobalHive that also pays ZEC directly to your wallet and is only once a day, it's called PipeFlare. It also added two other coins (PIVX and DASH), also once a day and straight to your wallet. (And if you want to use my referral link to sign up, I'd appreciate it:; but if you don't, you can Google it. Either way, it's worth doing!)

Distribution of BAND tokens from CoinMarketCap Earn

26 Aug 2020 mbatory

01 September 2020
Not worth the time watching the videos, especially given the off chance you might get an answer wrong and end up getting $0.

Distribution of BAND tokens from CoinMarketCap Earn

26 Aug 2020 mbatory

31 August 2020
People are complaining that instead of receiving $10 in BAND, they received 0.06 BAND, which is less than a dollar. There's also no notification of whether or not a participant "won" the contest, and the distribution is taking days. The whole thing was a clusterfuck, from beginning to end. What a mess. They need to rethink what they're doing with their "Earn" program.

No-Nonsense Review: The Phantom Creeps (1939)

29 Aug 2020 Byzantius

29 August 2020
Haven’t seen it—will check it out though; haven’t watched MST3K in a long time.

Is Brave Browser still worth it?

28 Aug 2020 Luca B

29 August 2020
Not to mention the BAT being forced into Uphold, which then takes its cut if you move the money out. There's also the problem with linking iOS to Uphold or any wallet, thereby trapping BAT in the iOS browser. Honestly Brave is a mess. I hope they get it sorted, and appreciate the few extra BAT, but now that it's slowing significantly, I'm using Chrome more and more, as it's more user friendly.

This Week Was a Fail. Crypto Earning Challenge Week 3 Update

20 Aug 2020 Sara Spa

25 August 2020
I enjoy following your progress. I'm doign the same thing, just not documenting it like you are. In the past week I learned about two faucets that withdraw directly to your wallet, and are only one click per day (and have rewards for claiming every day, referrals, etc.). Thought you might want to check them out (and if you're willing, use my link!): PipeFlare ( and Global Hive ( Keep up the good work! (Will be back after 8 to tip too!)

Earn free Nano - Instant Nano Faucets

20 Aug 2020 Star Faucet

21 August 2020
Other than Binance, which isn't available in my state, where can I put Nano?

Ethereum ETH Integrated for Tipping, Min Withdrawal Increased AND 30% Bigger Rewards!

6 Aug 2020 Dan Bainbridge

19 August 2020
Well, the DAI is out of my account, but it hasn’t been converted to ETH in my account. Is there a problem?

No-Nonsense Review: The Old Dark House (1932)

18 Aug 2020 Byzantius

18 August 2020
Yeah, it’s a good one for sure. And Karloff is always great—I’ll be hitting more of his work soon.

A Little Experiment - How Much Free Crypto Can We Claim Each Day?

16 Apr 2020 EarneyBitcoin

17 April 2020
Should add this site as well.

Loopring LRC Token Integrated for Tipping on Publish0x

15 Apr 2020 Dan Bainbridge

16 April 2020
Where does one send Loopring? Is it supported by Coinbase?

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Something a little different- Metal Baseball Cards

15 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Fingolfin

  I did say that I was going to share some of my favorite baseball cards and today I wanted to share something a little different a fun little tin of Ken Griffey Jr. metal baseball cards. As I have previously mentioned Griffey was/is my favorite ba...

Posting some of my favorite baseball cards

13 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Fingolfin

  As someone born in the early 80's the late 80's and early 90's were the heyday for baseball cards and I was as into it as any kid. Baseball card collecting was my intro to the world of collectibles. It made sense as baseball was my favorite sport a...

Flare Tokens Have Arrived

7 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments CC1370

Last night I went to do my nightly claim on PipeFlare but the site was down for maintenance. Tonight I logged on to find a whole new overhaul of the site and a surprise on the claim page. If you are not familiar with PipeFlare, it’s another faucet si...

Crypto Passive Income Report - September 2020

1 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments ExponentialOne

My dream of financial independence can be summed up with two words - passive income. I hope to build a portfolio that generates income that will some day replace the income from my employment. I know it is not much, but below are my crypto income res...

I received $3 from Fire Faucet! Crypto Earning Challenge Week 7 Update

20 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Sara Spa

Back in July, I gave myself a challenge to earn $10 in 10 different cryptocurrencies in 10 months. Seventh week has passed and I’m here with another update. Check out other articles about my challenge: Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 |...

First $10 in my wallet! Crypto Earning Challenge Week 6 Update

10 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Sara Spa

Back in July, I gave myself a challenge to earn $10 in 10 different cryptocurrencies. Now, the first $10 are secured in my wallet. If you want to check out the previous updates, follow these links: Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week...

Party Girl (1958)

7 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Buster Crabbe

Starring: Robert Taylor, Cyd Charisse, Lee Cobb Director: Nicholas Ray (US) Genre: Romance, Drama Availability: Movies! TV Network   Watch Quality   A The colors are rich and the picture quality is gorgeous.  The music and sound are perfectly reprodu...

The 5 Positives

5 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments CC1370

If you ask any of my friends I'm sure they will tell you that I'm the one who loves to make people laugh, have fun and get silly and all that stuff. Lately though, I've been very aware that I am not in that fun and silly place. To others, I put it on...

How much do I earn in a week? Crypto Earning Challenge Week 5 Update

3 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Sara Spa

Five weeks ago I started a challenge to earn $10 in 10 different cryptocurrencies. Check out my progress: Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 5 Just a normal week of earning There haven’t been many interesting things this week. After some re...

Two NEW Free Crypto Faucets! Now you can get free Chainlink and NEO.

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Sara Spa

Free Cryptos are coming out with another two additions to their faucet websites which they announced today on their Twitter page. You can now earn free Chainlink and Neo using these faucets. New websites are very similar to the other faucets in their...


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