Over $300 in Free Crypto! Hits and Misses in 2020

By Byzantius | Free Crypto Blog | 19 Dec 2020

I got over $300 in crypto for free this year, and barely did anything.

I want you to make even more! Let me show you how. First, I'll share what has worked for me best, and a few second-tier sources. Finally, I'll share what didn't work--things to avoid. Let's go!

Total Earned by Site

(detailed chart of how much I earned by site)

What's Worked

I've tried over 20 different sites and methods of getting free crypto currency. I highly recommend the following:

  • Cointiply: I only started Cointiply in September, and have earned $45.53! Simple interface, so lucrative--there's an hourly faucet (click for free money), dozens of pay to click (PTC) ads, and surveys that actually pay (stick with Theorem). 
  • PipeFlare: Only earned $0.59 over the past few months, BUT, I'm including it because it's so easy--there are 3 once-a-day faucets for DOGE, ZEC, and FLR and it deposits directly to your wallet.
  • Publish0X: You're here; you see what it's about. I don't publish much, but going in every day, reading articles, and tipping, along with the few posts I've done, has resulted in $22.87 since March (not counting what's accrued but hasn't yet been paid out).
  • Coinbase: I started in February by opening my old Coinbase account and discovered Coinbase Earn. Over the year I got $180.89 from various promotions. Currently, you can get free Stellar Lumens (XLM), free BAND, and free Compound (COMP), and more!

I've also gotten good results from the following, but they're not perfect:

  • Best Change: An hourly faucet for BTC. It's steady and easy, and pays to your wallet when you accrue 3,000 satoshi. I don't love these slow faucets, but since the threshold for payment is so low (you often see 30,000 satoshi minimum for withdrawal), I recommend it. I've netted $1.26 since August.
  • GlobalHive: A once-a-day faucet that deposits ZEC directly to your wallet. It's similar to PipeFlare.
  • Brave Browser: I don't love Brave, but they have paid--I've earned $37.29 since April simply for using Brave instead of Chrome.
  • Coinpot: There are 7 faucets that deposit directly to Coinpot. Each resets every 3 to 15 minutes, there are bonuses and streaks, etc. I started taking this seriously in June and ended up earning $27.69. Then I got busy and fell away from it. But it's still super-lucrative! (Pro-tip: claim a lot and convert everything to one type of coin, then cash out regularly.) The faucets are: BonusBitcoin, BitFun, MoonCash, MoonDash, MoonLite, MoonDoge, and MoonBit.

On the Fence

Here's a couple that seem like they'll be good, but I haven't been on them long enough to withdraw, so I don't know yet.

  • FaucetCrypto: Similar to Cointiply, there are lots of ways to earn. It doesn't get into the top-tier for me because I'm new to it and can't personally vouch for payout, although my friend, CC1370, swears by it.
  • Bucksify: Same as FaucetCrypto, and the same friend says she's making money on this one. 

What's Failed

Here are things I've tried and found weren't for me, but you might like them:

  • Fire Faucet: For me, this took too much attention for not enough payoff. I made $0.87 for a lot of clicking.  
  • Presearch: Get coins for using this as a search engine. I stopped using because I need a certain type of result for the job I do, but this could work for you.
  • GetZen: Like PipeFlare and GlobalHive, it's a once-a-day faucet that deposits directly to your wallet, but gives you Horizen (ZEN). My issue here is I don't have any wallets that support ZEN, so it's just accruing on the site.
  • Ecoin: I joined this early on, and now have an account with the Ecoins in it. I don't know what to do with them, but maybe they'll grow in value some day? Their current value is $3. You get some free for joining with my link.

And here are things to avoid:

  • Free-Tron: I tried this briefly and had security concerns. It could be fine, but I didn't love and and am avoiding it.
  • StormPlay: This is an app that pays crypto for downloading and doing certain things. I downloaded a game and played almost to the level required, then all my data went missing in StormPlay. I wrote customer service who got back to me a while later, but didn't solve the problem. Then a week later the data reappeared on StormPlay but by then the promotion ended. I don't trust this one.
  • CoinMarketCap: They have an "Earn" program similar to Coinbase, but while they imply you can get $10 of crypto or whatever, they actually only pay less than a dollar, it's only if you get answers to a quiz right, they don't tell you the answers at any point, they don't pay out for weeks, and in the U.S., you're ineligible. It's a total waste of time.


(detailed chart of how much I earned by coin)


In my one year experiment, I welcomed all forms and amounts of crypto, so long as I didn't need to do much. I found a few hidden gems and made enough to make it worthwhile! I hope you can use my experience to get more free crypto yourself!

And please, use the links to visit the sites I mention. They are referral links where applicable, which means nothing for you (or occasionally gets you a bonus), but means a little bonus for me!

Thanks and good luck in 2021!!!

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