Free Crypto: A Beginner's Guide

By Byzantius | Free Crypto Blog | 13 Oct 2020

You want to earn free crypto, and do very little to get it. 

You also want to avoid scams.

There are hundreds of sites that offer free crypto; most are not worth your time. I've tried a bunch (and made over $200 in a few months)--you can learn from my mistakes. Below, I only link to sites that have actually paid out, and were easy and not too time consuming. (Occasionally, I will offer my tips for the sites too.) Whenever possible, the links are referral links, which don't hurt your earnings, but help mine--so I appreciate you using them! Without further ado...



These are the simplest, most straightforward ways to get free crypto. For these (and all others), you'll need a crypto wallet (a place to send the coins you earn). I suggest Coinbase. It's very easy for beginners, accepts a ton of different coins, and regularly offers free crypto itself! So sign up for your account. 

1. PipeFlare: This is simple. Sign up with an email address, then visit once a day to collect 4 different coins (ZEC, DASH, PIVX, FLR). Give it your wallet address and if will deposit the coins directly there. It's only fractions of a cent each time, but consistency pays--there's a bonus every time you collect 5 days in a row. Also, patience is important--few sites dump cash into your lap. You need slowly allow your earnings to grow over time. 

2. GlobalHive: Same as PipeFlare, but with ZEC only.

3. Horizen: Same as PipeFlare, but with ZEN only. You'll notice that Coinbase doesn't support ZEN yet (or PIVX or FLR). That's ok. If you don't have a wallet, these sites will let your money sit there until your wallet accepts that kind of coin.

4. BestChange: This one lets you collect Satoshi (tiny portions of Bitcoin) every hour. Once you have 3,000 collected, you can cash out. There is no sign-up required--just use your Bitcoin address and it will keep track of your earnings for you.


These are not the easiest ways to earn free crypto, but they're not hard at all.

5. Cointiply: This place is amazing. So lucrative. Sign up and earn "coins" multiple ways. You get to claim some every hour, with bonuses for how many days in a row you log in. You can also get coins for ads, watching videos, and completing surveys. A quick aside--I have tried multiple sites which offered something for completing a survey. They have ALL disappointed me except this one. PRO TIP: Log in, claim your hourly payment, then do PTC (pay to click) and collect all those, then do a few surveys, then join the chat for a few minutes (post 2 things). You will get a "rainfall" bonus! I cashed out $5 in my first four days with almost no time spent on the site.

6. Coinbase Earn: I mentioned Coinbase above. Once you've signed up, you can get free crypto by going to the "Earn" tab and claiming the offers. Right now you can get $50 in EOS$50 in XLM, $6 in MKR, $6 in CELO, and $59 in COMP. PRO TIP: You may need to sign on to a wait list. If so, be sure to check back regularly, and please use the EOS and XLM links I gave above when you do!

7. Publish0x: You're already here. If you haven't signed up, do it now and start tipping! You can opt to keep a portion of every tip you give, and it costs you nothing.


8. Brave Browser: Very simple--sign up for the Brave browser, use it to surf the internet, it blocks outside advertisements and you earn BAT for every ad you allow it to show you (no need to click through the ads). So why is it a bit trickier? Because getting your coins out is a two step process--you have to transfer it to a wallet called Uphold, then from Uphold to Coinbase or whatever wallet you prefer. Still, being paid to do what you normally do anyway is sweet.

9. Bucksify: In theory, this is like Cointiply, only I haven't been able to qualify for any surveys. Still, it's a reliable hourly source to claim coins, and pays when you collect enough. If you are able to claim any offers, share any tips you have in the comments below!

10. Coinpot: This is another with two steps. First, there are 7 sites below. You'll create an account at Coinpot, then go to each of these sites and claim the coins every 3-15 minutes. All your earnings will go into your Coinpot wallet. From there, once you hit a minimum amount, you can transfer them to your Coinbase (or whatever) wallet. PRO TIP: Collect regularly to take advantages of daily and monthly bonuses (the first is collecting 100 times/day), and collect daily to get a bonus % every time you collect. When you've done this for a few days, convert all your coins into one coin to reach the withdrawal threshold sooner, then withdraw (I do Litecoin and withdraw when I have 0.02, about $1.10).

  • Bonus Bitcoin: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 15 minutes
  • Bitfun: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 3 minutes
  • MoonCash: Claim fractions of Bitcoin Cash every 5 minutes
  • MoonDash: Claim fractions of Dash every 5 minutes
  • MoonBitcoin: Claim fractions of Bitcoin every 5 minutes
  • MoonDoge: Claim fractions of Doge every 5 minutes
  • MoonLite: Claim fractions of Litecoin every 5 minutes


These are all pretty easy, to be honest. Don't forget to tip and like this article if you found it helpful! 

Happy hunting!

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