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Im 25 years and from Switzerland :)

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My fantasy for crypto

5 days ago Claudio $0.05 (16.6595 BNTY)

Hello.  I want to talk about my plan in the future.  I dont speak english and i just had like 10 minutes time. But i feel like i want write that fast and share it. ;) I'm in crypto since august 2017 and already make a post about my holdings and story...

Second Payout Publish0x

1 week ago Claudio $0.47 (142.6585 BNTY)

Just a short update.    legit and good.    thanks to the publish0x team. 

CryptoSoul earn crypto for gaming

1 week ago Claudio $0.04 (12.6648 BNTY)

Hey :) I found a funny way to earn some extra crypto. The project i talk about is called CryptoSoul. They have a very nice website and the team look legit.  CryptoSoul is the first battle royale game where you can gain cryptocurrency. You can regist...