My fantasy for crypto

My fantasy for crypto

By Claudio | Claudio | 15 Feb 2019


I want to talk about my plan in the future. 

I dont speak english and i just had like 10 minutes time. But i feel like i want write that fast and share it. ;)

I'm in crypto since august 2017 and already make a post about my holdings and story until now but today i want speak not about the past. 

It's about the future and what i plan to make this and next year and what i hope. 

It's my fantasy what i wish will happen so dont attack me if you think diffrent. Thats normal.


Fast my holdings:




150k vet

5k dnt

Thats all i have in crypto.  (ca. 2.7btc atm)


So let's start with my plan:


At the moment im working very much and try to save as much fiat as i can. It's difficult for me because i life in switzerland and everything is very expensive. But i get also more money per month so i think it's not much diffrent then in other country's. maybe even easier. 


I bought at 3200$ some bitcoins (in december i think) and set me a rule that i will buy again at 3200$ BUT only for less money because i think it will go more down. Still i want some profit IF the price would go up again to like 3400-3600$

If it go up to 3400-3600 i will continue just to work much and collect fiat. 

Im sure the price will go under 3k. And if it really dont go more down i catched the bottom 2 times and i think thats not bad at all.

If the price will go under 3k i will buy again and then as more it go down as more i will buy. Classic strategie i think. doller cost avaraging? dont know if its called like this xD. you know what i mean.


I will conitnue to buy all the way down. and latest at 2k i will take a long position because its enough good. even if it go to 800... btc will go minimum back to 20k. I just know it. and who cares if you bought at 2k or 3k if its 20k anyway. 

In May 2019 i think we reached the bottom. It's 1 year before the Bitcoin halvening. Then maybe we go to 6k and then it get boring again.

I dont think we will see much action this year. But also i feel fomo because i know many big players are only waiting too for a drop. I feel like all want bitcoin but nobody talk about it. So better dont wait for the perfect bottom and just grab as much as you can. Like every week a little bit. 

I even stop smoking since 1. januar because its stupid and now i have more to collect. You can collect too if you want. 



I just trust 100% in bitcoin and i think thats why im so comfortable with the price. i was lucky and lose nothing in this bearmarket and i feel like i will be so happy in the next bullrun. 

But i dont plan to sell my btc. even if it hit 100k. I will not sell it. 


Im sure in 10years im happy that i stick to my plan. 1mio+ easy for 1 btc. 


If you have just 1 btc your the elite. dont forgett that.

Buy Bitcoin!!!! 

If you hold the money on the bank you get like nothing back from them. and chances that bitcoin really is dead we know all is like 0%....



Say me please what is your plan and what you think will happen in 2019 and 2020. Thx.



Peace & Love



Im 25 years and from Switzerland :)


just all i have in my head.

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