Crypto influencer's TOP 3

By CryptoOddish | Claudio | 5 Feb 2019

Hey :)


Today i would speak about my top 3 crypto influencers on youtube.


The first is Ivan on Tech.

He's a very smart guy and explained most of the stuff you should now. 

He is very active and make videos on a daily basis most time. 

I think hes a good person and thats why i support him.


Here is the youtube channel:


My number two is Doug Polk Crypto.

He's a very funny guy and his videos are more entertaining then most of the crypto youtubers.

He was long inactive but sometimes he make videos and its every time funny.

He never shill projects and dont hype stuff up. 

He also has a poker channel that you can check out if your interested in poker. 

I really like his personality.

Here is the youtube channel:


My number three is Crypto Daily.

Hes funny like Doug with little bit technical aspect of ivan. 

Hes like a mix of both and very good entertainer. 

He always make funny memes and intros and he's also a good person that dont shill. 

Here is the youtube channel:


It's my personal list so you dont have to agree!

Check them out and let me know what you think about them. 

Maybe i make a top 3 worst crypto influencer after this. 



Peace & Love


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