My reason to invest in VeChain (VET)

My reason to invest in VeChain (VET)

By Claudio | Claudio | 6 Feb 2019

Hey :)

I bought today 150k VET and i want to explain why. Maybe someone will do own research after reading this.


VeChain exist since 2015 and the vision is to build a blockchain based secure markets for informations and products. It‘s based on the ethereum plattform.

My main reason for buying is not the product or the team. No its just the coin that is at the lowest price since the crazy bullrun end of 2017.

Of corse thats not the only reason. Sure the team and product have to be good and legit. What i think is the case with VeChain.


An other important reason is the historical price. I never see it go under 100sat and i tink my buy price of 107sat per is very near to the bottom.

You also can stake your vet coins and you get some vethor. Its like neo and gas.


I hope the bearmarket will continue for this year and i can just stake and stake and stake. I think the price will not go much lower maybe we see a new all time low of 80sat. Then i would buy more and stake more. 

In the end this coin only have to stay the same price and i make already money from staking. When the bullmarket start i already have a good amount vethor only from staking. I will sell it for free cash and then maybe i sell my vet for a nice profit too. Win win situation.


Thats MY REASON why i bought VET.

It‘s only my view and sure some people think very diffrent. I just share here my toughts only. 



Peace & Love




Im 25 years and from Switzerland :)


just all i have in my head.

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