Hodl or trading

By CryptoOddish | Claudio | 7 Feb 2019

Hey :) 

Today i would like to tell you my strategie to get more btc. In the end its all that matters for me. 

There are many diffrent ways to make profit and i want write about my best strategies. 


First you need to be cool. Dont let emotion change your mind. 

You make a plan and then you stick to it. Otherwise you will get rekt. 

Im using bitmex to short or long btc. If a big move happend the day before your in a good position to say the opposite will happen. Its not always like this of corse but really really much. If we see new bottom next time i will go long and take profit when you can. 

Its better to take profit in little steps then just wait for moon in my opinion. 

My other strategie are forks. I love forks.

If a fork is near to happen the coin always pump. But be careful. You have to buy like 2 months before the fork because otherwise the price is already up. And ALWAYS sell before the fork happen. 1-2 weeks before. With this method i make the most profit. 

Then there is just hodling. I bought eth neo and vet for long term. If bitcoin go up the altcoins follow. They will go up in usd and in btc so i sell it for btc (next bullmarket) and then i make money because the coins go up and much more because the sat price go up too. (I hope :P)

And then there are sites like publish0x where i can share my toughts and get some satoshi. I think hodling is a good decision atm because really all coins are near to the bottom in my opinion.

That are my strategies at the moment.


maybe someone have other tricks and i would like to hear them.


Peace & Love


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just all i have in my head.

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