Raptoreum (RTM) - ASIC/FPGA Resistant and secure.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 22 May 2021

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I'm again writing an article. This article that I'll write is about a coin whose mainnet was in March this year.

The coin is called Raptoreum. It's PoW and algo is GhostRider. No premine and at ICO. The total supply is 21B. The characteristics of RTM are interesting because in addition to ASIC/FPGA resistance it's immune to 51%/double spend attacks.

Well, you could say that RTM is more of an ASIC resistant PoW coin and due to the amount of coins it's inflationary, right? Whoever thought that when reading this far is wrong and I'll show you why.

Regarding ASIC resistance, we all know that coins that are mined through this tend to allow a small number of people to control a large number of coins and consequently determine prices. RTM allows more people to be part of mining with fewer resources than it's to have an ASIC.

The amount of coins can become a discussion if the value reserve is considered, but one of the reasons why RTM is 21B is to allow more people to have a good amount of RTM that will be valuable. RTM is valuable because in addition to being easy to use and secure, will allow the creation of smart contracts. Anyone can simply tokenize anything.

So don't waste any time and try mining some and wait for the interesting future of RTM. Mining is done by the CPU, but GPU will soon be possible. See this list of many pools.

Prices are undervalued on SouthXchange, it's a great opportunity to obtain large amounts of RTM for those who can't mining.

I'd like to remind you that this article is not an ultimatum and DYOR ever! Only you are responsible for your actions. Don't be hasty and make the best decision. RTM is at the beginning so it's possible to carefully analyze everything around RTM.

So, as there is a lot to talk about and not to make the article dull you can find out more technical details, the real capabilities, use cases and expectations for RTM by accessing the site link below. Information on mining, pools, social, wallets, exchanges, explorer and github is also available.


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