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Proof of Work (PoW)

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Proof of work (PoW) is the original type of consensus algorithm in a blockchain network. It was first developed in 1993 as a way to prevent denial of service attacks and others on a network. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that Satoshi Nakamoto implemented PoW on Bitcoin as an innovative way to achieve consensus in a distributed network. Since then, PoW has become a widely used consensus algorithm for many cryptocurrencies.

PoW is used to validate transactions which produces new blocks and links them together to form a blockchain. In PoW, miners compete against each other to solve complex computational puzzles. When a miner successfully solves the difficult puzzle it is verified by other miners and a new block is added to the blockchain. The transactions in the new block are thus added to the network and miners get rewarded for adding new blocks to the blockchain and securing the network.

The process of proof of work secures a blockchain network and helps to protect the network against numerous different attacks. The more miners a PoW blockchain has, the more computational hash power it has, which makes the blockchain more secure. A successful attack on a PoW blockchain would require a lot of computational power and time. Therefore, attacks on highly secure PoW blockchains can be very expensive and deemed pointless. To this day, PoW is considered to be the most secure consensus algorithm because it is the most tried and tested. 

However, PoW is not without downsides. It is very energy intensive and therefore not the most efficient consensus algorithm. Also, some experts say that PoW blockchains are more difficult to scale and that newer methods such as PoS or DPoS are required to implement various scaling solutions.

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Callisto Monthly - August 2022

20 Sep 2022 5 minute read 0 comments Callisto Network

Welcome to the (slightly late) September issue of Callisto Monthly, a look at what has been happening in the world of Callisto over the last month. This month, we start with… Hacking the Hackers Sure, Ethereum’s “Merge” is big news, but honestly...

Bitcoin Can Be Carbon Negative?

19 Sep 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Alucard0x

Bitcon is good for turning narratives that the political and economic zeitgeist thought were unturnable. The response is usually a screaming finger pointed back at the status quo along with some half-baked half-mumbled half-truth. To me, "zeitgeist"...

Is Ethereum's Brand New ETHPoW Fork Dead on Arrival ?

17 Sep 2022 3 minute read 2 comments kev_nag

“Following Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoW) roughly five different crypto assets were the main beneficiaries of Ethereum’s former hashrate. However, 24 hours after The Merge, anonymous developers launched an Ethe...

Ethereum Merge: 7 Things You Need to Know

16 Sep 2022 4 minute read 1 comment UniFarm

Ethereum Merge has proved to be a historic event in the not-so-long history of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. While some people are eager to be the first witness of the merge as they keep an eye on the countdown, some people are still wrapping the...

Ethereum Critic and Vitalik Buterin argued If PoS is a Punishment?

14 Sep 2022 1 minute read 2 comments Yugocean

Ethereum critic Udi Wertheimer has considered the rewards from PoS as no-yield and hinted at it as a penalty for those who do not stake. In his argument, Wertheimer also calls the stakers fools. It can be assumed that when Wertheimer made his claim,...

BTC Hashrate to ATH Even While ETHMerge Maxis Talk Shit

13 Sep 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Alucard0x

I am not a bitcoin maxi whatsoever. But it's important to note what is going on in this rivalry between BTC and ETH. This PoW vs PoS shit is basically a war for the soul of crypto. Bottom line: PoW represents society prioritizing financial sovereignt...

Why Bitcoin Maxis Are Selling Out

12 Sep 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Alucard0x

Anthony Pompaliano was the first to fall (is that you spell his last name? IDGAF), followed by his sycophant Will Clemente. Your boy what's his face from Stripe sold out a long time ago when he said he was basically handing over his tech to the IMF....

Bitoreum - Exchange, ASIC Resistant, SmartNodes and more!

12 Sep 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Pluto2023

Hello Folks! Today I'll talk about a coin that is constantly growing and that will probably have pleasant surprises in the next few months.  The coin is called Bitoreum. It's PoW and algo is GhostRider. No Premine and no ICO, but there are Founders...

US Looks to Ban Bitcoin Mining Right on Time with the #ETHMerge?

11 Sep 2022 1 minute read 4 comments Alucard0x

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd say this was totally planned. News from the US comes out that Congress is considering legislation to ban PoW mining at the same time Ethereum is ready to move to PoS. The United States would benefit greatly from #...

The Ethereum Merge Will Give You PoW ETH — But is it Worth Getting?

11 Sep 2022 3 minute read 3 comments Alucard0x

When the Ethereum merge happens, it will create two blockchains — one that will just be called Ethereum and the other, PoW ETH. No, the current ETH chain won't be going anywhere. It will continue to exist. Developers can still build stuff on it if th...