Brave Self Service Ads - bullish potential of BAT

Brave Self Service Ads - bullish potential of BAT

By zev | zev | 21 Mar 2021

As of today, each company has to work with Brave's employee in order to run their ad campaign through Brave Browser. This fact creates at least three key problems that future upgrade will eventually eliminate:

1. Working with a middle-man. In order to start an ad campaign, a company has to work through the process with Brave's account manager.

2. Wait-list. There are more companies willing to start their advertising campaigns than there are Brave's employees available to work with them through the process.

3. High financial threshold. A long wait-list creates another serious problem, namely which of the companies to handle first? That is why Brave has minimum monthly ad buy of between $2500 and $10,000.

Self Service Ads is a product that simplifies the whole process and eliminates above-mentioned problems. New system will allow companies to create and manage their ad compaigns all by themselves through the self-serve portal. Middle-man is cut out of the process, the wait-list regulates itself and problem of filtering is no longer needed. There are millions of small and mid-sized companies that would finally be given a green light to access Brave/BAT Ads Ecosystem.

What it has to do with BAT? Everything! In order to create any new ad campaign, companies have to buy BAT to fund it. Millions of low-priced ad campaigns funded with BAT could very well drive it's price exponentially. Of course, it won't all happen at once, on a day one, but it's a growth potential for many months to come. Sure, there can be spikes here and there within the first week, however this new system would lay down fundamentials for a the true potential of BAT to be among TOP 5 coins. On top of all that if we add the growing dissatisfaction of working with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. and incoming Brave Search, Brave DEX Aggregator...

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