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Voyager reopens access to Cash Withdrawals

By ZeroRequiem | ZeroEx | 11 Aug 2022

Failing Crypto Exchange, Voyager, has opened access to Cash Withdrawals for all customers today.

An email was sent out notifying all customers that they have finally regained access to their Cash, which has been locked up since July 1st. The withdrawals are limited to $100,000 for a 24 hour period. The withdrawals should be processed within 5-10 business days.



I highly recommend rushing over to Voyager and withdrawing any cash you may have in there. There is no telling what may come in the future.



As a Voyager customer myself, this is finally some good news but it’s like putting a band-aid on a lethal wound. 

Regardless, I withdrew my measly $65.00 from Voyager, taking it as a small victory to get anything back at all.

Quite sad philosophy, but the collapse of Voyager has been a real punch to the gut for me and has taken a toll. However, I am doing my best to focus on the positives in life. Thankfully, I did not have everything in Voyager, but many others were not so lucky.

I continue to pray for a positive outcome, where all customers regain access to THEIR crypto, especially those that have potentially lose everything. In hindsight, we, the customers, are also fools to have trusted these exchanges and companies. The blame is shared, but the pain still cuts deep. 


See ya!

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